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worries about dyeing hair pastel shades

I have a bit of weird relationship with hair dye. I religiously pin images of girls with cute unnatural hair colours in a variety of shades, a lot of the girls I follow on instagram, twitter, youtube, and through blogs, have a fab rainbow collectively. I know it’s all a bit ~tumblr queen~ #altgirl, a total cliche in the way of the internet, but I think it’s a milestone you get to at some point. 

Basically, and I’ve said this a fair few times over the last year, I want to do something fun with my hair. Catch is: I’m terrified. 

I think the fear is born through slightly bad experiences on my own part, and horror stories on others, mixed with a very hefty dose of parental disapproval. I’ve dabbled with dye in the past; darker with cherry tones at 16; interesting dip dye at the beginning of freshers year of uni, and then a shade lighter than my natural colour to even things up before Korea. Since then I’ve not touched the stuff. My first experience was met with total outrage by my parents (mostly at the state of the bathroom), but I felt like I’d disappointed them somehow by wanting to change things up. 

The second attempt (dip-dye, pink) was done away from home at uni, so less of a problem if I stained the bathroom pink, but I always made sure that the pink was either fully faded or less present before my parents visited or I went home for holidays. I learned that my hair takes colour exceptionally well during the pink stage, that pink was vibrant.  The third colour was an all over and hardly noticeable really. 

My ‘slightly bad’ experiences are just my parents reactions to me doing anything, really. Which makes me very apprehensive to do something more extreme than ‘a bit darker’ or ‘on the lighter side’. 

I can understand their concern, of course. Ideally, I’d like to do something pastel – I have my heart set on peach – and the maintenance of that colour is high, lengthy, and sometimes very expensive. I’ve read up on the process to get it to the base for colour, I’ve read up on the aftercare and it isn’t easy. But I’m prepared for that. 

Aside from damage and cost, there’s the other concern. I’m job hunting, ideally in London, perhaps in Asia, and unnaturally coloured hair isn’t exactly deemed ‘professional’. This, of course, entirely depends on what you’re applying for, but the overwhelming verdict is that rainbow colours don’t belong in a professional workplace. 

It’s saddening because it feels that professional and creative (or different, or expressive) are mutually exclusive. 

That no one will take you seriously if you’ve got pink, or blue, or teal, or mint hair. 

Which is totally ridiculous, hair colour doesn’t dictate your ability to do a job, be it high pressured or arty. 

I’ll probably bite the bullet at some point. Parents be damned. (Not so sure about the job part being damned, though.)

Where do you stand on unnatural hair colours? Any experience with them in the job hunting department? Let me know, pleaseeee. 

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  1. Aqy Sdl
    October 7, 2016 / 2:08 am

    I completely understand what you're going through! I've always wanted to dye my hair in different colours each time, but I still keep sticking to the colour red eventually. Idk why, maybe it feels the most suitable for me. I'm terrified to try other colours just because I'm afraid they won't look good on me. But, I've found a "solution"! Lately I've been experimenting with wigs and clip-in extensions! That way, you can try as many colours as you want without having to damage your hair! Hope this helps xo

  2. Dani Dunne
    October 7, 2016 / 9:06 am

    If you've always dreamed of it, then go for it! I've worked with people with crazy hair colours before and it absolutely doesn't impact on the job – that said, I do work in a creative industry and imagine it might not translate so well in a more corporate environment (Disney, for example, don't allow their cast members to have dyed hair – my friend once had to colour over her brunette-blonde ombré…) If you're still worried though, maybe go back to the dipdye to start with (you can always tie it up!) and then see how you go? Peach would be gorgeous! xx

  3. aimee cottle
    October 7, 2016 / 3:33 pm

    In my last job they were super strict on hair colours. They only accepted natural hair colours – brown, black, blonde, red. I think if you've always wanted to do it, though, you should do it! My current job wouldn't give a damn if I walked in with pastel pink hair tomorrow. Not all jobs do. Don't let that put you off. I wish I could be bothered to put in the effort for pretty coloured hair! Haha. x x

  4. Sarah Vernon
    October 9, 2016 / 8:46 am

    im so in the same boat! i would love to but in my case im more afraid of the damage it will cause and losing my hair!! i have super fine hair already that struggles to grow much without any breakage (on natural hair!) beyond my shoulders! if i was to want to do it, id prob have to cut it in to a bob! that and the cost of maintaining it.. I'm gonna wait till our jobs are more stable before thinking about dying mine again!

  5. Leanne Marie
    October 28, 2016 / 5:00 pm

    i get the general worry around it due to job hunting but if i'm honest? i think in this day and age companies are becoming far less worried about appearance and seeing those who are, forgive me whilst I cringe, 'alternative' or 'out there' as exciting candidates for a job role. of course as you say, it depends on the job and I can't speak for how they will feel in Asia, but i say go for it. if you end up in a job who give you a chance with coloured hair, you know it's for you as a person and not just what you look like. good luck!

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