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For the past week I have been travelling a lot. Long haul flights, long car journeys, the odd long walk – ok that doesn’t count as travelling, but still – and with more to come over the next few weeks, (I’m stepping on a plane today, actually) the one thing that is keeping me sane is my iPod. It’s not because I don’t like social interaction, it’s just that sometimes sticking my headphones in, cranking up the volume and figuring out the soundtrack to my life sounds a whole lot more appealing.

But this post isn’t about my life soundtrack. Partly because that’s a continuous work in progress, but mostly because I wanted to share some of the things on my iPod with you, via the medium of a blog post, because sharing music is fun and they do say that you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes taste in music.

So what is on my iPod?

Well, iPod/iTunes.

In ‘most recent’ there are a few albums that have been released recently that I’m loving, the first being Ed Sheeran’s “X”. My favourite track from the album is ‘I’m a mess’. Fitting, I know, ahahah.

The other album in ‘recently added’ I’ve been loving is from a Korean girlband by the name of ‘F(x)’ – the pronunciation is similar to ‘effects’, in case that one stumped you. And the album is called ‘Red Light’, almost forgot to mention that. This band doesn’t really run the same intense schedule as most other Korean bands, for whatever reason their management company only gives them 1 album a year… but damn they release good albums.

My favourite track is definitely λ‚˜λΉ„ (butterfly), it’s a little bit trancy, with a floaty, catchy chorus. Please don’t be put off by the fact they obviously, being Korean, sing in Korean, give the album a try. πŸ™‚

I’m going to leave my ‘top played’ for another post, I think. Seeing as there’s a whole host of genres in there and it’s definitely more suited to those with a music taste that’s fairly ‘eclectic’. Instead, I’ll share a couple of my ‘go to’ songs I listen to when I’m in a certain mood or state.

The ‘Going Out’/’Pump me up’ state

HANDS DOWN NEON JUNGLE. If you don’t know Neon Jungle then I have one word for you – why?? They performed at the Victoria Secret fashion show last year. It was epic. They’re epic. I saw their debut single Trouble be described as strop-pop and I think that’s probably the best description I’ve heard. I love them I really do. Braveheart is my edm jam when I had to endure subway trips to more amusing subway stations in Korea late at night.

The chillout state

The happy state

The ‘I’m walking from A to B, I look hella fierce and feel fab’ state… aka a tossup between my three favourite bands of all time.

(and yes I am really sad that IKE has to pause his activities temporarily. But at least he’s not quitting )

Now as I hastily sync-slash-charge my iPod, take the fastest shower known to man, and sincerely hope all my electronics have a fully battery and that I don’t forget anything important (like my keys), I’m going to step on a plane. Yay.

What are your go to songs, favourite albums or just total jams? Tell me in the comments, and I really hope you don’t mind my ridiculous ly awesome taste in music.


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