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In the time I have been at university I can’t even count the number of times I have picked up a book that wasn’t related to my degree course on one hand. And that’s not because the number is so large that I have forgotten, or that, in general, it is an impressive amount. Nope, it’s because that entire phrase indicates that there is a quantity, however large, that would be counted. The opposite also implies that there is a quantity, however small, that would be counted. I’m quite ashamed to say that I have no quantities to be counting. I haven’t read a book that I haven’t had to reference for about 2 years*.

*no, the F&*k I’m in my twenties book doesn’t count as it’s an interactive journal. 

Which, when you think about it, is really sad. Then again, none of my modules at uni have been worth less than 20 credits, and each 20 credit module is equivalent to 200 hours of effort. So that’s 600 hours per semester, factor in sleeping, eating, socialising, essay writing (+ referencing), societies and other hobbies… and well, you’ve not got a lot of time left for curling up with a good book.

So I have decided to set myself a challenge. I shall read one book recreationally by the end of this year. Just one, since there aren’t many weeks of this year left and biting off more than I can chew wouldn’t be ideal.

The book I’ve chosen is ‘The Ladykiller’ by Martina Cole, as I’m pretty into the whole crime/thriller type novels, dark and twisted without being too WTF because you can actually imagine the scenes happening. Also a brilliant lack of vampires and/or werewolves. (*slightly awkward cough*)

 I’m actually super excited to finally read this, it’s been sat on my bedside shelving unit for ages, I bought it just before moving into halls in 1st year, with the intent to read it and… well… yeah.

I know this sort of genre isn’t for everyone, and I do hope that, if this little endeavour goes well, that I can recommend less grisly books to those of you that are interested. Or you guys can recommend me books! I’d love that. I’m also a massive sucker for fantasy novels. If you are intrigued by, or do like this genre/style, then I’d say go and read ‘All the pretty girls’ by J.T. Ellison. I was honestly captivated.

With Christmas just around the corner, books are also a great gift to give, even if it isn’t as hefty as the LOTR trilogy, or as expensive as some of the books I’m reading for uni… On that note, is there anything that you’re currently reading, or really wanting to read?

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