The Food Series: Honourable mentions (Garosugil)

Separate posts for each of these places would’ve been a little bit pointless, since 2 of the 4 are of the fried chicken variety, one was ace beyond expectation (and sort of removed my fear of going into new places) and one really wasn’t a ‘quick-fix’ since we ended up waiting about 40 minutes for food, but in fairness 90% of their menu was alcohol…

All the restaurants are located in the Garosugil area, as per (I am trying to eat everywhere here, in case you couldn’t tell ahaha), and are Fairly Close Together in the grand layout of Seoul. So click below for some Honorable Mentions to The Food Series, or just laugh at some utter disasters.

1: Hotpot (shabu-shabu/nebi) at Takaya

Japanese food isn’t something I normally have when I’m out with the bff (she doesn’t like seafood), and most of the Japanese restaurants in Seoul have menus that are, unfortunately for her, majority seafood. But we see this place all the time, weren’t particularly hungry for carbs and well, the ‘ok let’s just try here’ thoughts were strong. But the sense of self-accomplishment you get when you walk in, as a Very Obvious Foreigner, to a restaurant when there is only Korean on the menu board outside is so pleasing.

Much pleased, lot’s hungry, very food. Onto the ordering.

The menu has a lot of traditional Japanese-style dishes, sushi, sashimi, udon, rice dishes… but the seafood content was high and the Chicken Curry Nebi (hotpot) sounded so good that we had to order it. Along with two glasses of melon soda, because melon soda. Also 10 points for attentive, smiley staff.

We hardly had to wait any time at all for our food, a godsend as we were actually running a tad later than planned and didn’t have all that much time to sit and savour. Which resulted in a burnt tongue but hey, that was my own fault. The dish itself was really lovely, a mix of chicken, bacon, veg, and the odd, cheeky shrimp. Delish.

Melon soda: 8000won (not pictured)

Chicken Curry Nebi

Location: I can’t remember if it’s directly opposite Grill5, or Miyako, but it’s along that road

2: The ‘would you like some chicken with your grease’ edition.

Quick-stop chain food is never not going to be greasy. Fried chicken is never not going to be greasy, but to the point where we have to use napkins to soak away some of that extra grease… ehhhhhhh. My food should not require that much effort *sadface*. The fries though! I really really like the super thin cut fries, and the chicken was tender, just too greasy for me. We had a good laugh over it though. For 16,000won it wasn’t that bad. Couldn’t finish it all though, as my arteries would’ve started to protest.

Location: Right next to the LOHB store, opposite another restaurant and a nail bar.

3: The ‘Food-is-on-the-menu-but-we-prefer-to-serve-beer’ edition

The atmosphere of this place is really nice (I’m really not doing very well with names today but I will fix this asap!!!), and the service, if you’re ordering a pint of any of their ales/beers is really fast. Food, on the other hand, get your camping gear out – you’re in for a wait and a half (nearly 40 minutes and it wasn’t even that busy). Granted, 90% of the menu is detailing their extensive list of alcohol, and I’m pretty sure at least 75% of the other customers were just sat down to drink, but if you offer food at your establishment, be prepared for people to, um, order food?

I think Korea just enjoys tormenting me with the promise of pizza, and then giving me some sweet dough with melted cheese on top. The Tomato Sauce drought is in full swing it seems (unless Janes Picky Pizza and Public House+ are bulk buying it all up…),  as there was none to be found on the Garlic Pizza that we ordered. And the substance in that tiny ceramic pot – not the pickles, the weird looking gooey thing – is syrup. Korea, why is syrup with your pizza a thing??? Who thought that was a good idea???

The Mother Burger was really nice in comparison, I do like surprise fruit (apple!!) with my food, and the apple ring hiding under the patty was a really lovely additional texture. The thin cut fries were lovely, and we were highly tempted to ask for more ketchup (it made the pizza better), but just couldn’t finish the whole thing. For a grand total of 40,000w (Burger: 18000w, pizza 22000w), unless they were just having a super bad day in the kitchen, I really was expecting more?

Location: Opposite Louis Club (Joyrich side, not Cafe Fin side), but not the one directly opposite, the one that’s more on the corner, with a mirror ball and really large, wooden tables.

4: The ‘I’ll never do ‘chimek’ right since I don’t like beer but yes to the chicken oh hell yes’ edition:

Ok so this was the first actual fried chicken place we tried in Sinsa, since we hadn’t had fried chicken anywhere else but Hongdae or Sinchon, and needed to see what The Expensive End of Town had to offer. Alternatively, you can read that as, we didn’t know what to eat and the restaurant was staring us in the face, plus there was a kitten. Your choice. (The kitten was ridiculously cute.)

A standard, boneless set was ordered. Fried chicken on potato wedges, yes please, do not mind if I do. Service was fast and the chicken was crispy and not drowning in grease. I feel like this is the greasiest edition of the Food Series ever. Sorry. But if you want fried chicken this place is good!

Location: Opposite the super tiny Ho Bar on the street with all the fooood (you’ll know it when you see that street – it’s the road between the Olive Young and LOHB stores, always super busy).

Sorry I seem to have forgotten 3 of the 4 places names. Clearly they were so memorable. But hey, sometimes you win the food lottery, sometimes you need to swim through a bunch of culinary disappointments to restore the Natural Balance of Life. Either way, I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know in the comments if there’s any place you want me to go to try food!

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