#tbt: Seoul Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week in 8 days (really, is it really next week???), I thought I’d have a bit of a #throwbackthursday and take another look at things that went down fashion-wise at Seoul’s, with a couple of my favourite street style shots. And in the next post a little look at a few of my favourite Korean brands?

(You may have seen a couple of these photos before on my blog but hey this time I’m actually writing about them!)

Fair warning that this post is also very image heavy!


The androgynous or ‘boyish’ aesthetic has taken off massively in Korea in the past few years, and this is probably one of the best examples I found at SFW. Simple, clean, dressy yet comfortable. I like that the suit is more a midnight blue than very black, and the lighter blue of the bag adds another dimension to the outfit. 

The jumper adds an interesting and subtle colour addition to this outfit, whereas the hat is definitely a clashing pop that Korean’s seem to love. That bag though. Do want. Much envy. 

Layers (layers and more layers)

SFW took place towards the end of March, and while March is still cold, it wasn’t exactly arctic temperatures. However, layering to this extent is surely some kid of art form – still a tad skeptical on the need for two wool-based coats, but it doesn’t half add another dimension to that outfit – and these two have that down. I really love the colour pallets of these outfits, very neutral, and everything works together well. I love the simplicity the necklace adds too. 

Layering to the extreme in a completely different way here. We have cropped statement scuba jumpers, net skirts and jackets, complimentary colours, leggings, coats, clashing colours… It’s a bit of a chaotic mess but works in the oddest way possible. Needless to say these two drew quite the crowd when they were leaving late on the Saturday. Not exactly my style, but I can appreciate the amount of work that went into the conception of these outfits.

I really love the contrast of the leather mixed with other textures here, especially the way both top and bottom layers are similar fabrics. It makes the outfit feel more rounded, in my opinion. Loving the Jeffrey Campbell Ice shoes – but that’s a given.

Double Up

So this isn’t a trend, exactly, but it was sweet to see the duos wandering around fashion week, and how their outfits complimented each other.

Tarten/Plaid never goes out of fashion when worn well. Having them as an outfit focal point is a great idea, and I love how they’re subtly cuffed at the hem. The mix of textures with the all black outfit is a nice contrast here.

These two were so beautifully dressed all week. Their outfits always complemented each other, even if they weren’t wearing the other half of the two piece they split between them.

Couple looks. Korea is notorious for couple looks. As in, couples that are dating (or married) wearing the same outfits in a his-and-hers kind of way. I’ve seen this from as little as couple shirts to couple outfits that have his and hers accessories. It’s crazy, in a cute awh-look-at-that kind of way. I don’t think you’d ever catch me going to this extent, though it worked quite nicely for these two. 

Colour Pop
(otherwise known as, yellow became the colour of choice)

First off let me just say how absolutely adorable this girl was. She was so shocked that I wanted to take her photo, insisting that there were better dressed people and well, models flitting around. But I just had to take a photo of someone wearing a coat that yellow. She pulls it off so well, and the bag and neutral coloured shoes work nicely with it. The coat is the statement and it shines.

Diana Horfsall of IFBK, blogger @ differentcamds


I think my favourite part of any fashion event is the well dressed boys that turn up. In England, especially where I live 90% of the year, mens fashion seems to be a figment of someones imagination. Or they all seem to be carbon copy clones of each other. *Elongated Sigh*

somehow this is the most loved photo I took at SFW…. I wonder why…. 

So many photos! Looking back through them all has made me even more excited for LFW, and seeing so many outfits has really inspired me for a couple of my own outfits. Which was your favourite?

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All photos were taken by me


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  1. Nicole Cheng says:

    I love all the outfits the men appeared in. You took some really great photos! I hope to attend SFW some day, because korean style has been a favourite of mine for a couple of years now.www.n-hyc.com

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