I love Korea in the the Springtime

Lanterns against trees and a gorgeous blue sky

Usually summer is my favourite season. Long days, short nights, dining al fresco and I get to wear the majority of my wardrobe. (I will never be good at buying winter clothes.) But summer in Korea was a previously undiscovered hell. Humidity mixed with stagnant heat and sun and dust and and and… I remember spending the entirety of it lying on my floor because it was the coolest part of the room. Also cicadas. In all honesty, it was the first time I was glad to see it go. I welcomed autumn with very open arms and was incredibly disappointed when it left me to deal with winter. Eurgh.

So when spring rolled around, finally, with it’s blue skies and british-summer temperatures, I can quite safely say that I really, really, really like this weather, even with the unpredictable rain. At least it isn’t monsooning (yet).

Most people who have visited South Korea and experienced the seasons say that spring is the best time to visit, and I do agree. It’s beautiful, the trees and flowers are blooming, the weather isn’t sticky-hot, it’s pleasantly warm in the sunshine. You’ll still need a jacket at night though, but at least the biting cold has disappeared. Just remember to bring rain boots and an umbrella…

These photos were taken along the route I usually walk to Hongdae. There are a few ways, but this is definitely quietest, it brings you right up to Hongik University and avoids the subway exits, which are usually notoriously busy. If you find Sinchon exit 3 (I think it’s 3, the Hyundai Department Store/A Twosome Place exit. If not it’s 2…) and walk straight for about 5-10 minutes, there should be quite a large crossing near a bus stop area. Across the road you’ll see another coffee shop and a road going up into what seems like a more residential area. You’ll want to take that road to get to Hongdae. Just keep following it straight and it’ll bring you right up to Hongik Uni. There are also a ton of cute shops and boutiques on this route that I love – and Macaron.

Ahh, shadows. They give me instant height. You can follow me over on instagram, if you’d like. I tend to take a lot of pictures of Korea and food. 

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