review: Skin79 Rose Waterfull Mask

skin79 rose waterfull mask review

It’s cold. The weather is forever unforgiving on our skin (and hair), and the deep moisturisors have made their way into our winter evening skincare and pamper routines. There are so many fab moisturisers and creams and products around to help keep our faces in tip top condition, but one that I’ve been really excited to try has been the Skin79 Rose Waterfull Mask

So I picked it up a while back, and slipped it into my skincare routine when the weather started getting a little bit nippy, as it’s known for being really intensely hydrating. 

skin79 rose waterfull mask review

Skin79 is a Korean roadshop (drugstore) brand that is well known for it’s BB creams. Their brand focus is to formulate products rich in moisture that reduce skin troubles and are suitable for all skin types. 

It’s a great ethos to have, especially since those with oily skin tend to shy away from using moisturising products, and you still need to give your skin moisture even if it’s oily!

I picked this mask up as it has a bit of a reputation for being really good for dry skin. I don’t have particular problems with eczema at the moment, but I usually get flare ups around winter (or times of extreme stress) and felt like it’d be useful to have something in my skincare collection that wasn’t hydrocortisone, but might be able to combat any dry skin effectively. I was also in the market for a sleeping mask to try as 1) intensive skincare routines aren’t exactly practical for the everyday lazy gal and 2) intensive hydration overnight sounds like something I could really do with, and I was looking at other rose-derivative products as it was. 


the major ingredients: eco damask rose water, AHA, ceramide, trehalose, acai berry, kakadu plum

eco damask rose water – rose water has mild astringent properties that help tighten the pores and gently tone the skin. It’s great for acne scars and brightening the skins’ overall appearance. 

aha – alpha hydroxy acids, they can be natural or synthesised acids that help with ‘chemical exfoliation’. That sounds super scary, but they just help break down the bonds between skin cells so the dead skin can be removed more easily, and you’re left with a smoother surface. It also helps remove extra sebum. For products intended to be used at home, the concentration is very low compared to the concentrations used in clinics. 

ceramide and trehalose – help strengthen the skins’ moisture barrier to replenish the moisture balance.

acai berry – packed with vitamins A, C, and E, acai berries in skin care help replenish tired looking skin as well as skin regeneration, for a more youthful appearance. 

kakadu plum – Vitamin C, antioxidants, and a natural acne fighter, the Australian superfood again helps fight dull, tired, or problem skin. Plus it’s a sustainable ingredient! It’s the first time I’ve ever heard about this being used in skin care, so I’m going to have to do some catch up reading here. 

water – water is obviously a large (the largest) part of the Rose Waterfull Mask. I guess the clue is in the name. 

skin79 rose waterfull mask review product shot

so what’s it like?

The consistency of the product is very much a jelly. It comes with a little spatula to help with application, making sure you don’t get your fingers in the product by limiting contamination. The packaging is pretty damn sturdy, it’s a little glass pot with a screw top, and you can check to see if the product has been opened before as it comes with a foil seal. 

As the product is of a jelly consistency, and you use a spatula to scoop it out, it can be quite hard to judge how much your face will ‘need’ – the directions are literally ‘apply an appropriate amount on your skin’ at the last stage of skin care. I’d say go with enough to form a light layer, as the product smooths out easily and spreads very well once it comes into contact with your skin. Water based products, ey.

skin79 rose waterfull mask review product on hand

You can definitely feel it on your face, not in a gross get it off (unless you react to it, then please, please take it off) way, but a slightly noticeable, slightly wet way. It’s not as obvious as having a solidifying mask on, since you can’t really see the red colour of the product once it’s distributed or feel it tightening pores, but it’s there. The glycerin in the formula (the compound that makes it the jelly consistency) is also noticeable as you can feel the thin film of it on your fingers. It’s like the aftermath of using some of the glycerin-rich Lush products. You can lightly smell the rose scent, it’s light and not really artificial, but if you’re not a fan of rose this product will not be for you. 

rose waterfull mask on the face – you can see the sheen but not the colour (also hello cheeky hair cut)

This sensation can make it a little bit odd to sleep with, especially if you’re used to really massaging products into your face at night. Sleeping packs are designed to be absorbed throughout the whole night, so fully massaging them in can take quite a while if you attempt it. I tend to let it sit on my face a bit before I’m going to climb into bed and pass out, just so there isn’t as much chance of product transferring onto my pillows, as it’s sunk in a little bit. If you’re worried about product transfer, you can always sleep on a small towel, which is a little bit of extra hassle, but keeps your sheets nice and clean. 

Then sleep. 

In the morning, you wash your face with lukewarm water to remove any residue from the sleeping mask. I find that the warmer side of lukewarm tends to work best, as cold water doesn’t seem to do much. Sometimes I’ll use a foaming cleanser in the morning after using this, just to really give my face a fresh start to the day. 


The days after using this I’ve definitely seen an improvement in the appearance of my skin, especially if I’ve had any niggling blemish marks that haven’t disappeared yet, or it was looking particularly tired. I do have very pale skin though, so it’s easy to see marks and blemishes, and it has a habit of being receptive to products with an active ingredient. 

It’s a bit too intensive in moisturising properties for me to use every day in the UK, since our weather isn’t particularly bone dry during winter, but it’s fab to put on once a week, or on days where I feel my skin really needs it. I also didn’t really notice an improvement in spots or mild breakouts after using this – sometimes they got worse, sometimes it improved the appearance of them, but it’s hard to say if it was the mask that did anything in that arena.

Overall, I quite like the mask for it’s intensively hydrating properties, and I’ll definitely use it when I feel like my skin needs that extra boost. 

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Have you tried Skin79 products before? What do you think of sleeping masks – are they something you would try? 

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