Scream Queens Wardrobe edit

scream queens style steal wardrobe edit
Scream Queens is back. All the slightly cliche, mildly plotless, marginally grating horror combined with the faux fur pastel wardrobe of my dreams. It’s so nice to see inspiration in a colour palette that isn’t typically autumn this time of year, and also one that draws so much from more vintage aesthetics.

I’ve yet to see what the wardrobe team have done for the new season which starts in the UK soon, but I’ve put together my own little edit of some outfits that I think would probably be Chanel worthy. If not Chanel, then maybe Chanel no.2.

scream queens style steal wardrobe edit

The most iconic part of the Scream Queens wardrobe has to be the luxurious collection of fur coats. High Street stores are trotting out fab faux fur versions (like this Forever21 burgundy coat) at a fraction of the designer price tag, in a variety of prints, colours, and finishes. This will be the year I add one to my collection. I think.

Pulling collars and more 60s silhouettes from the vintage side of things, and adding a slightly more modern twist with this seasons’ leaning to velvet and the Issey Miyake pleats. Keeping the colour palette light makes the looks slightly ethereal, and means that the darker fur coat really stands out. 

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scream queens style steal wardrobe edit

The ruffle trend that’s been so popular recently plays so well into the Scream Queens aesthetic. From the teaser of season two, it seems that bright, block colours as well as dainty detailing will feature in the outfits chosen, so ruffles and point accessories like these WAH London x Asos pearl strap heeled loafers are a must have. I know they’re not super floof and strappy, but I think they’ll be a fab addition to any wardrobe due to the unique features. If they’re a bit much, then a simple barely-there heel, or cute ankle strap shoe will wear well with block colour dresses and the trademark fur.

I’m also throwing a nod to the current headwear trends of the season; berets and bakerboy caps are often seen as tricky to style but they’re really not that bad. For the bakerboy, separates in contrasting or striking colours (this boohoo metallic skirt is ideal) can really feminise the style. Berets look fab with dresses and confidence.

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It’s fab when styles from TV shows can be easily replicated and incorporated into an everyday wardrobe. Especially those that are seen as more extravagant, or less wearable. Sure the abundance of faux fur and pastel may be a little sickly or a touch OTT for some, but you can pick aesthetics you like and use them as a starting point to build around, or as an inspirational nod.

Let me know what you think of these style ideas! Are you a fan of the Scream Queen’s wardrobes, or the series itself! And have you gone the distance and invested in a faux fur piece yet?

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  1. Cattitude & Co.
    October 13, 2016 / 10:29 am

    I don't really like this show, but I do love the wardrobe!

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