SaengSaeng Donkasu (Edae)

Sat in the same price range as Han’s Deli, SaengSaeng Donkasu is another restaurant I’d recommend for those who want to eat out, but eat out on a budget. It’s located towards the lower end of the Edae shopping street (the one with all the makeup stores), opposite Nature Republic and on the 2nd floor. It’s doesn’t have the most stand-out of signs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

In fact, it’s rather more a hidden gem.

Donkasu is traditionally a Japanese dish, and SaengSaeng Donkasu does offer quite a nice selection of japanese dishes, from udon to fried shrimp, and a variety of stir-fried rice. Obviously, the main attraction here though, is the donkasu.

Top: Mozerella Donkasu, Middle: Fried shrimp+ potato mix, Right: Chicken Stir-fried rice

I found this place completely by chance one day after class – we were actually looking for an italian place we’d heard about on the same street, but couldn’t find it so tried SaengSaeng Donkasu instead. Which turned out to be quite a wonderful turn of events, seeing as SaengSaeng does probably the best batter on their fried food I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. #trufacts

The most expensive things on the menu are the donkasu sets, but even then they don’t exceed a price range of 10,000won. The menu has descriptions in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English, so ordering is a breeze. This, like Han’s Deli, is a chain restaurant and has other branches in Seoul or elsewhere in Korea.If you do happen to see one where you are, stop by and try!


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