#IMNOTFORSALE and colour science at Roseannah Sheffield

Roseannah boutique fair trade fashion sheffield

Last week I was invited along to Roseannah, a beautiful fair trade fashion boutique in Sheffield, for a workshop in colour science and information on the store owners’ project: NOT FOR SALE / #IMNOTFORSALE.

It was a really relaxed night, plenty of instagram opportunities – Roseannah’s interiors are beautiful – and fun chats with some new faces. I haven’t been particularly active in the Sheff Bloggers scene since final year is such a stressful time, but it was nice to take a break and learn which colours suit my complexion best (spoiler alert: I was surprised). 

Roseannah boutique fair trade fashion sheffield colour science

Roseannah boutique fair trade fashion sheffield colour science

‘Colour science’ is the practice of finding out what works for your skin tone and then applying that to your wardrobe. Some people present as very obviously cool-toned (hi Chantel), and some present as very obviously warm-toned. Some fall in the middle and have the luxury of having everything suit them, the lucky lil’ kids. Cool-toned people look fab in silvers and blue-hued tones, with silver jewellery; warm-toned people suit pale pastels and orange-reds, and look fab in golds. 

Going in, I thought I’d be borderline, I wear a lot of black and white and stay very very far away from yellow (unless it’s varsity), but I do have an orange lippy that I love. Turns out I’m on the warmer side of things, which is nice to know as I’m planning to sort out my wardrobe really soon and can start looking at the colours I’d like to focus on, or add. 

It was super interesting to see the change in the other girls’ faces when colour swatches that suited their skin tone was draped on them, getting the right tone can really change the way your features appear – it’s quite hard to describe but it’s more of a continual flow from the face to items of clothing. I was thoroughly fascinated. As an aesthetically minded person, it was really interesting to see.

Roseannah boutique fair trade fashion sheffield

Roseannah boutique fair trade fashion sheffield

The other half of the evening was learning about the #IMNOTFORSALE project – a campaign to empower the survivors of human trafficking in the UK, and avert the chance of being re-trafficked. Rachel, Roseannah’s owner, told us the story of how she became so involved in helping the victims of the very real and very upsetting world of human trafficking, by employing and empowering the survivors in the UK and abroad. It’s a fantastic project, tackling an issue that probably isn’t that often thought about as happening in countries like the UK – but it does and in 2016 we should be doing everything we can to ensure the safety of vulnerable people, even if the most you can do is raise awareness.

There will be some fab events happening in Sheffield soon to raise awareness of this campaign, and hopefully with that awareness will come more happy endings for those who are trafficked. I’m sure a lot of you, like myself, will probably feel that there’s not much we can do – but social media is such a fab thing and getting people to talk about issues is a step in the right direction.

If you’d like anymore information then you can check out Roseannah’s facebook page and the Just Giving page too

What do you think of colour science – and which colours do you think suit you best, warm or cool? Let me know ~

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