Review: Lush Rehab & Fairly Traded Honey

Lush rehab and fairly traded honey shampoo review

I bought these two together, so I thought I’d review them together. It’s no secret that I am on a bit of a haircare crusade at the moment. I’m desperately trying to nourish what genetics gave me, and was doing pretty well until a really unfortunate styling incident (far too much hairspray and way too much backcombing) that pretty much fried all that good work. With the combination of trying hair oils and no heat styling options, there was quite a bit of product build up on days I didn’t get the oil levels quite right, and frequent washing was stripping all the nutrients because greasy hair is death with social obligations. 

Enter Rehab, for the product build up, and Fairly Traded Honey for the nourishing. How did I find them?

Lush rehab and fairly traded honey shampoo review


Well, Rehab certainly strips. I’d suggest investing in a pretty heavy duty conditioner if you’re planning on using this because holy fuck my hair felt very very clean, but ridiculously dry. I’ve actually only used it twice since purchase, and both times were because I’d had unfathomable amounts of product in my tresses from styling jobs and needed something to take it all out. So, Rehab does it’s job. It also lathers easily and has a pretty OK smell. 

You do have to shake it quite thoroughly before use (something I suggest they print on the bottle in a larger font) so that you get all the good stuff evenly distributed throughout the blob on your hand, but the formula is pretty top notch if you need to strip your hair back to basics. It’ll probably last me a reaaaaaaally long time, considering it’ll get bare minimum usage… but handy to have all the same, especially if you’re having your hair messed around with a lot for shoots. 

fairly traded honey

Fairly Traded Honey has become my regular shampoo at the moment. It smells lovely, and leaves my hair soft and definitely more manageable. It doesn’t lather particularly well, but that’s probably due to the high concentration of honey in the formula. I mean, have you see honey soap easily? It’s also fab for my scalp, I’m prone to eczema in all the most unfortunate places (hands, scalp, ears?), and certain shampoos that are more chemically structured set everything stinging and itching and, tmi, kinda weeping sometimes. Imagine going about your daily business and then feeling something wet on your forehead – the gross sides of my life. Fairly Traded Honey pretty much eradicates that when you work it into the scalp. Honey is fab for eczema relief as it is, so I’d expect a shampoo brimming with it to do some good for me, and some good it indeed has. 

Still need a pretty solid conditioner to use in tandem as my hair is still woefully dry, though. Fairly Traded Honey definitely makes it much softer, the ends can run a bit coarse still so I’m using a combination of deep intensive treatments at the moment alongside, but am open to recommendations if you have any!

All in all, I definitely prefer Fairly Traded Honey of the two at the moment. Rehab isn’t a shampoo I’d use for regular washes unless you suffer from excess oil production/hair that gets greasy incredibly quickly, so it’s worked out pretty much how I expected it to when I bought them. Both are fab additions to my shower caddy, but I’m still on the lookout for something that gives my hair the intense nourishment that it deserves. 

Suggestions are very much welcome!

Have you tried either of these Lush shampoos before? How did you get on~ let me know!

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