NoTS 28 Remedy Deep Cleanser & Repair Cream

NoTS 28 Remedy Deep Cleanser & Repair Cream review

For the second part of my NoTS skincare review, I’ve been trialling the 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser* and the 28 Remedy Repair Cream*. They’re the first and final stages of the NoTS Perfect Solution 4 Set, which includes a Tone and a Serum which I’ve already reviewed, as part of a skin-booting collection from the Korean beauty brand. Q-depot, an online store for Korean beauty and skincare, sent the set along for me to try about a month ago now, so I’ve had time to really get to know the products and how they work for my skin. 

And I’m really in love with them. I’m gonna be so, so sad when I run out.

NoTS 28 Remedy Deep Cleanser review

NoTS 28 Remedy Acne Pore Deep Cleanser* c/o Q-depot

I was initially quite skeptical about the Acne Pore Deep Cleanser* – I’m not the best of friends with deep cleansers as my skin can be very sensitive to anything abrasive, and Korean deep cleansers can really get right into the super levels of abrasive to help with very oily skin. I have a few for very heavy makeup days but never use them as an everyday, and right now I’m not really suffering from anything particularly acneic.  However, I was definitely surprised with this cleanser. 

NoTS claims:

deeply cleanses pores to remove impurities, sebum and makeup residue, leaving the skin moisturised and bright. It soothes damaged skin after use and works to balance skin moisture. It’s free from additives, colouring, scents and alcohol. 

So that’s why it doesn’t feel particularly drying, my skin greatly dislikes alcohol in products, and having moisture balancing properties makes the deep cleanse factor less abrasive. 

It did take me a day or two to work out the product is best applied with wet hands (it does say, but I’ve been using oil or cream cleansers for so long I forgot). Then you lather and massage it into the skin, rinsing off with warm water when you’re done. I like to let my skin air dry so that I’m not scrubbing at it more with a towel, and then go about the rest of my routine. 

I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my skins surface using the cleanser, although I don’t use it on days I haven’t worn any makeup because I think it might be that bit too harsh. It’s a little hard to work out how much you need to start with, too, but once you’re all sussed it’s a really nice cleanser. Downside is it fuckin’ buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurns if you get it in your eyes, so it’s not great for mascara or eyemakeup – but it removes everything else effectively without making my skin feel dry or tight. It actually makes it feel rather plump. Yay. 

NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream review

NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream* c/o Q-depot

I’m almost constantly looking for new creams that don’t wreak havoc on my skin. There’s just something about them that my face just does not like, even if it’s a wonder/holy grail product for legitimately everyone. So I was excited to try the 28 Remedy Repair Cream* as I don’t really manage to get my hands on many high end beauty products, especially Korean high end beauty products, since the cost plus delivery is usually way outside my measly student budget. Super. Excited. 

NoTS claims:

specifically formulated for sensitive and acne prone skin, it’s nutritious and deeply nourishes, repairs and soothes pigmentation, acne scars and skin irritations. It contains Adenosine and Niacinamide to bring elasticity to the skin. 

Adenosine and Niacinamide are two of the best ingredients you can find in skincare, and I’ve definitely seen the benefits from use. After applying your serum, or eye cream, you apply this to the face and massage gently – I do like to do the tapping thing for better absorption. The smallest amount goes a really long way, as the product is very creamy and easy to apply. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all, and it’s the only scented product of the four. But the scent is very fresh and a little bit minty. It’s the most expensive item in the set, but I definitely think that it’s my favourite, my skin feels fab in the morning. 

I would definitely recommend NoTS as a brand to try if you’re looking for high end Korean cosmetics, as their focus is on creating natural, functional cosmetics using premium organic ingredients. I’d also highly recommend Q-depot as a place to get Korean cosmetics from if you’re interested in starting or expanding your collection, or just wanting to try without any fuss. 

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Jasmin N
    April 19, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    Oh I really must recommend this product to my fiancè because he's been struggling with acne for a very long time and nothing seems to help.Thank you for sharing :-)<3: Jasmin N |

  2. Cairo Humphries
    April 26, 2016 / 3:58 pm

    Wow this looks great 🙂 I will definitely consider trying this.

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