New Boots!!

I have been looking for the perfect pair of heeled Chelsea boots for the longest of times. It’s a thing that’s pretty much been a permanent feature on my Birthday/Christmas/Treat list, and I was losing hope of ever finding some that would strike that particular wish from the list.  I can just be really, really fussy about my shoes.

But then I walked into New Look, only really in the mood for browsing, until I walked into the shoe section and I saw a pair that were so absolutely, perfectly me that I had to have them.

Oops that I’m ~not supposed to be buying things~.

They’re so pretty though. It’s justified. I’m not at all trying to convince myself.

So the boots I picked up are the ‘Black Patent Chunky Block Heel Chelsea Boots‘, and I can definitely say that I’m loving them so far. I got them in a UK size 5, and they are a smidge big on me, so I do tend to wear them with thick socks just to stop my foot slipping. Comfort wise, I can wear these quite happily for a day/night without any of the gel pads or insoles in them. The chunky heel makes them easy to walk in, thought if you’re not a confident heel wearer, I would give these a few rounds around the shop before you commit to buying them, just in case. They cost £29.99  (£26-something if you use a student discount), which I think is a decent price, as New Look do make quite sturdy, well put-together shoes.

Styling-wise, I’ve worn these with cute skirts and tights to get that ‘Chelsea girl’ look, but they also look really nice with skinny jeans tucked in too.

Bonus! If you like the shoes I wore with either of these outfits (x, x) New Look also have a dupe/pair that are very similar here – although the platform isn’t quite as chunky, and the zips are on the outside. Still a nice shoe all the same though!

What do you think? Are flat Chelsea boots more your thing? Let me know in the comments what you think!


2 responses to “New Boots!!”

  1. Samio says:

    I really like these. I always love a bit of patent… I also recently bought a pair of heeled Chelsea boots from H&M and it's funny as I have the exact same problem with mine being slightly too big, so also opt for the thick socks when wearing mine. Samio x

    • Fii Cridland says:

      I think it's possibly due to the slip-on style? Most of my laced boots I can, obviously, adjust to fit, so it might just be a Chelsea boot thing ahathank's for reading xo

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