sweater: c/o

skirt: ebay

braces: korea

shoes: korea

socks: primark 

This is my all-time favourite skirt to tuck stuff into. Also one of my all-time favourite skirts. IT HAS SPIKES. I also got it a ridiculously long time ago (first month of first year… so 2 years), but I’m sure you can still find it! I love love love this sweater, it’s a bit too lightweight to wear out by itself at the moment (also way too cold to go out with bare legs l o l) but I really like the mint/black combo. My dad said I looked like vienetta.

That was almost the name of this post, btw.

Much loves and I hope you’ve had an ace week. Anyone doing anything interesting this weekend?

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  1. Sara • EAST OF SIAM
    May 1, 2015 / 3:56 pm

    What a cute outfit, I would wear that sweater all the time if I had it – it looks so cozy! Not doing anything interesting but shopping haha.

    • Fii Cridland
      May 1, 2015 / 4:24 pm

      Awh thank you! (it's under £5 not that I'm tempting you…) Ahh I'm not even doing that. Essays are a major pain D:xo

  2. Milex
    May 1, 2015 / 7:43 pm

    • Fii Cridland
      May 1, 2015 / 8:56 pm

      thank youuxo

  3. Taylor Hawkins
    May 2, 2015 / 3:24 am

    Ah I LOVE that skirt! It's one of those statement pieces that can transform an outfit. I struggle with figuring out how to wear leather in the spring time and I think this is absolutely perfect. It doesn't hurt that you're gorg <3

    • Fii Cridland
      May 2, 2015 / 10:26 pm

      Awh thank youuu~ i tend to wear this skirt most with cropped light/pastel coloured jumpers. evens out the black and makes it work for spring. Sometimes I go with a sheer dark blouse though and it looks quite special :Dxo

  4. Alice
    May 2, 2015 / 9:57 am

    MMM Vienetta. Love this skirt!! You look beautiful as always <3 Alice

    • Fii Cridland
      May 2, 2015 / 10:40 pm

      I haven't had it in so long I have a craving now…Ty hun xo

  5. Anonymous
    May 2, 2015 / 11:54 am

    I almost bought that skirt but then I found a similar one in Primark without the spikes that I bought instead. Basically we are fashion twins. Also I love those braces they may go missing when I visit you, just so you know ;)Chantel || Bonnie Blondiexo

    • Fii Cridland
      May 2, 2015 / 10:40 pm

      We should actively twin at some point. And they're the only pair I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xo

  6. Jana Helandi
    May 3, 2015 / 2:46 pm

    Wow this sweater looks so cool! Love your outfit xJana // Life of Jana

    • Fii Cridland
      May 16, 2015 / 6:34 pm

      Thank youu!xo

  7. Lucy-J
    May 3, 2015 / 10:36 pm

    I love everything about this outfit, but mainly your face, just sayin'That sweater is fab. I want to steal your wardrobe basically. <3LJLV | UK Personal Style

    • Fii Cridland
      May 16, 2015 / 6:34 pm

      no but you are an infinite qt patootie~much loves darlin'xo

  8. Naomi Mango
    May 16, 2015 / 2:35 pm

    Gorgeous colour combo! I'd say looking like a vienetta is a good thing ?

    • Fii Cridland
      May 16, 2015 / 6:36 pm

      Ahha thank you! I don't think it's that bad, add in a touch of dark chocolate and I'd say it's good to go ;)xo

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