LFW Day 2 – street style

Nope, you haven’t missed a post, my LFW ‘Day 1’ was ‘Day 2’ for everyone else. I was in London for the first day, but despite travelling down to the city relatively early, I was absolutely shattered by the time I got the keys for the flat and was definitely not in the mood for going anywhere other than Victoria Station to pick up Matilda. Ok ramble over. Photo time.

Usual warnings apply for my fashion week posts, they’re all ridiculously image heavy, but hey, that means lots of pretty photos to stare at! All photos were taken by me (those that aren’t are to follow).

Monochromatic Lifestyle

It wouldn’t be Fashion Week without playing ‘spot the attendees’ – a ridiculously easy game when two-thirds of the people on their way to the venues are dressed head to toe in black or white or both. But this does make for some effortlessly chic outfits (minus the ‘oh god don’t let me spill this’ actions from those wearing white). A Fashion Week Staple.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bag like this, it definitely added an interesting point to this outfit.

I caught these two just as they were leaving to get lunch (sorry girls!) and just had to ask for a photo. That cape. I require it in my wardrobe asap. And even though I wouldn’t personally wear the leather sport-style culottes, I was definitely eyeing up that crop. Always love a good crop.

It’s All in the Details

I mentioned that a vast majority of my photos were detail driven. Among all that black and white and block colouring, there are some gorgeous bags, hats, and shoes floating around. 

I managed to catch the end of the right-outfits description. A mix of high street and vintage.

This was possibly my favourite tights/socks/shoes combination. Those navy patent Chelsea boots are absolutely stunning.

Jamie Challinor of f-word magazine in a denim shirt he customised himself. I had a really lovely chat with him about style inspiration and kpop, of all things. Day-glo Rainbow was the phrase of the day.

This entire outfit (somewhere below) was one of those ‘Stand-out’ ones. Especially the shoes.

Bold statement

This outfit drew quite the crowd, and would you believe that fringed piece is from H&M??? I didn’t either.

Fur is always going to be a controversial thing. Not keen. Super not keen. But it does make a statement, especially when you’re with a group of other well-dressed boys.

photo moments

personal favourite cuties

I do like taking photos of the other fashion bloggers and photographers milling around. They may not be dressed to have photos taken of them, most are just in their everyday wear, but I still think t’s nice to show them. So here are a few of my favourite fashionable ‘cuties’.

Stay tuned for Day 3, 4 and what I wore. Plus my favouite catwalks for SS15 ~~


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