jamie oliver recipease london review

So Jamie Oliver has actual legit restaurant thingies now. Legit restaurant thingies that are gorgeously rustic looking and therefore super photogenic. No surprises since it’s the capital, and if you’re going to have a gimmick, you may as well go all out. 

Espesh when that gimmick is teaching people how to make their dishes. Kinda fab, really. 

Unfortunately for me, I am not London-savvy enough (yet) to know this sort of thing existed prior to what I shall call ‘The House Sitting Stint’, and I don’t have the cash (not even close, tbh) to book one of these courses. But before I start feeling too sorry for myself – those lessons did look pretty spiffy to take part in, no I’m not jealous, shush your face – Recipease also has a pop-in cafe; no planning required. 

Lunch = sorted. 

jamie oliver recipease london review

jamie oliver recipease london review

Mati and I arrived in the no-mans-land time territory between breakfast and lunch. As in, breakfast had ended – cue the tiny violin – and lunch hadn’t started. Recipease doesn’t do brunch, so we nabbed seats along the window and got ourselves some beverages – green tea for me, as per, and green tea lemonade for Mati – while we waited for dining service. Played around on our cameras a bit, chatted, looked over the menu and decided that ‘kids’ was definitely the way to go. 

I’m so not about paying for huge meals that I can’t finish (despite how delish they are, lamenting wasted food is just not the one).

Our plates of choice were: chicken skewer, with an extra side of sauteed broccoli for Mati, and the mini burger with an extra side of baby new potatoes for me. The kids meals also come with complementary drinks (yay) so obvs I had to have the orange juice. Freshly squeezed goodness for all that vitamin C. 

Food-wise, the burger was pretty good. I’ve had better, in all honesty, so I’m glad that I didn’t go full throttle (and full price) with the normal-menu version. The burger itself looked a little lonely on it’s plate, so the side of potatoes was very welcome. They were ace by the way. Do love a good potato. 

jamie oliver recipease london review

Mati wasn’t keen on the quinoa her skewer was served on, but the meat itself was gone with no trace of ever being on her plate (other than the bill), and she made a grand attempt at trying to convince me that the broccoli was brill – but no matter how it’s cooked I still can’t stand the stuff. Missing out? Maybe.

Overall, it was a nice stop for lunch. The green tea was lovely and the service was very cheery. The whole feel of the cafe is something I can definitely get behind (and get inspiration from, truly pinterest worthy decor, here), you can see the cooking lessons taking place which is a really nice touch. Very interactive and involved. I’d come back for those, and breakfast. The breakfast menu looks ace. Super downer was the 12.5% service fee that was automatically added to the bill. That’s not chill. 

Oh there’s also a shop too, but I’ll let you explore that yourself because I almost cried. 

Have you tried a Recipease anywhere? What are your thoughts? 

Try Recipease Notting Hill yourself: come out of Notting Hill Gate exit 3 and it’s straight ahead (and accross a road. Pretty easy to spot)

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8 responses to “Lunch @ RECIPEASE”

  1. Jessica Edmunds says:

    I hate hate tips that are automatically added it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but aside from that I would still like to drop by! Weird as it sounds you were in my dream last night it was super weird! xxxBlondeOfCarbs♥

  2. T'erra McD. says:

    This food looks so yummy, I think I'm gonna go eat something lol. xoxo

  3. Tamzin Swann says:

    Ah didn't realise they automatically added tips in the UK? I need those meringues too. The food does look lovely though, but there is nothing like this nearby me!

    • Fii Cridland says:

      They don't usually, we're not a country that tips as standard, since our waiting staff get paid minimum wage, they're a choice made by the customers. So it's sliiiightly sneaky. I actually got one (or 4) of the meringues today. THEY'RE FAB.xo

  4. Martha Edwards says:

    Unfortunately the automatic 12.5% service charge is pretty standard in most London restaurants 🙁 I've never had the guts to challenge it, but I vow I will if the service wasn't worth it! xMartha Jane |

    • Fii Cridland says:

      it is?????????????????? Oh wow wow wow I was not aware it was a standard thing clearly I've not been down here (and dining out) often enough. Cheeky, ey. I'll give it a whirl and see what happens, then let you know (considering if I make a tit out of myself doing it, then you won't have to, ever aha)xo

  5. Manon van Schagen says:

    It looks so damn tasty! Those potatoes looks extremely good by the way, and just like you said, the burger looks a bit lonely haha. xx

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