Hexagon (헥사곤) – Garosugil Sinsadong

Hexagon 헥사곤 latin american restaurant seoul south korea

I’m resurrecting ‘the food series‘ after what has seemed like an absolute age. One of my favourite things to do in South Korea is explore all the restaurants, cafes, and general eateries that I’ve been eyeing up over on instagram for too fudging long. On my explorations so far, I’ve been happy to see that some of my favourite places from my year abroad are still alive and kicking, but also saddened that some of them haven’t survived the last three years. Seoulites are a particularly tough crowd – competition is fierce

A few weeks ago – when I met up with Devina before Seoul Fashion Week – we went for a little wander around the DDP to take some photos, and then on to Sinsadong for me to see how much it’s changed (not that much, but also so much at the same time), and for food. We weren’t feeling anything particularly heavy, so decided to give Hexagon a go. 

Latin American food in Seoul? Ok let’s go. 

Hexagon 헥사곤 latin american restaurant seoul south korea

We went pretty conservative: a mango and avocado salad bowl, one of the burritos, a veggie side, and some non-alcoholic drinks. The price wasn’t too eye-watering for Garosugil, but wasn’t exactly the easy cheapness of Hongdae, Edae or Sinchon, but in Sinsa you’re also paying for the location. 

The atmosphere of Hexagon is pretty nice. It wasn’t busy at all when we went, which meant our service was pretty decent. Not super fast, but a nice enough pace that we could sit and chat without being interrupted or hurried on because people were waiting. I’ve since seen reviews on mango plate that said the service was pretty dire, so it probably depends when you go, we were pretty early for dinner service. 

Hexagon 헥사곤 latin american restaurant seoul south korea
Hexagon 헥사곤 latin american restaurant seoul south korea
Foodwise, Hexagon isn’t anything super special? The presentation is lovely, I’m a massive fan of really brightly coloured food on my plate – the more brightly coloured veg the better – and, as any of the classes on food that I teach say, ‘presentation is really important’. It’s hard to eff up a salad, everything was pretty standard other than it was really clear they’d frozen the mangoes. Also, avocados in Seoul – yes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. They’re so expensive to buy here. (does the I’m like T^T dance move endlessly.) The only thing I really wasn’t a fan of was the salad dressing – it was way to sweet for a majority savory salad. 

The burrito was really tasty – although I don’t honestly remember much of it. I just remember thinking that it was probably one of the better burritos I’ve had in Korea. 

Hexagon 헥사곤 latin american restaurant seoul south korea

Hexagon 헥사곤 latin american restaurant seoul south korea

Hexagon 헥사곤 latin american restaurant seoul south korea
Our veggie plate was missing the celery it was supposed to come with – they had none…-  but considering celery was the evil we didn’t really want on that plate anyway, they gave us extra carrots. We were also given nachos and dip as service which is always nice! 

I think my favourite part of Hexagon was the way the drinks were presented, and how they tasted. I ordered their mango and lemon aide, which was just the right side of sour-bitter. I loved the little details with the gummy bears on cocktail sticks. 

Hexagon 헥사곤 latin american restaurant seoul south korea
Overall, the food wasn’t the best I’ve had in this neck of Seoul, but I think I’d probably go back for cocktails at some point just to see how they are. 

My rating? Wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there again, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I did? A solid half score I think. 

The food looks so pretty doesn’t it! Let me know if you want to see more food/cafe related posts from South Korea! I have way more time to explore than I thought, and I plan to go travelling to different cities soon, so if you have any requests for posts or things like that, just drop me a comment or a message on my social media!!

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