Han’s Deli (all branches)

I blogged a lot about the places that I went to eat at in Sinsa the last time I was in Korea, which is great, but not the most budget friendly. So for the 13 days I am over here this time, while I navigate myself through work, I thought I’d share a couple of cheaper eats from all over Seoul. And the first place on that list is Han’s Deli.

Han’s Deli is a chain restaurant that has branches all over Seoul, and offers great food at really affordable prices. The menu has a variation of western dishes infused with Korean style (kimchi sneaks into some of the rice/gratin dishes plus ddeok, there’s a lot of seafood, steak, ), and a cheeky bit of fried chicken is available as a side. (Pro tip: it’s good chicken.) It’s cheap and cheerful and totally worth checking out.

The two branches that I’ve been to personally are the Myeongdong branch, and the branch on the way to Idae from Sinchon. I’d thoroughly recommend any of the donkasu variants (fried pork cutlet), and if you’re feeling homesick for western food, take a stab at one of their pasta dishes.

I will say, for the Myeongdong branch, you get to Han’s Deli via the lift (the stairway is blocked off), which totally threw me for a loop when I went to eat there. The restaurant is on the 5th floor.

The link to their website is here, unfortunately it’s mostly in Korean, but if you take a look at their menu tab, you can see what food they have on offer. Hopefully it’s somewhere that you’ll take a chance to try.


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    take me with you!! p.s. man that food looks great

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