Feb Accomplishments!~

Sometimes I just need to remind myself that no matter how slow it is I am going, and how slowly things change in the way that I want, I am still moving forwards and I am still achieving things. It’s a tendency of mine to get bogged down in the not-so-good parts of my life, and gloss over the awesome things that either happen to me, or that I do myself. I also tend to be really fearful of trying new things, and I’m pleased to say that I pushed myself to do things that I wouldn’t have said yes to last year.

So here’s a little list of my own personal February accomplishments:

It might only be 6 things, but February is a notoriously short month, and I’m very proud of myself for achieving them.

What did you do in February, or recently, that’s made you really proud of yourself? So far the only thing I’ve accomplished in March is catching a cold. Boo.

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