It’s actually a little bit embarrassing that I’ve been in Korea for nearly a year now and only managed to get to Everland in month 11. Well done Fii, obviously your love for roller coasters is not what it once was… or you’re just too lazy to travel to one of South Korea’s two theme parks. (Right answer right there.) But now that school is out and I have just under a month left here, I decided that a trip out of Seoul was definitely needed, and where better to go than Everland?

Everland is, in case you didn’t know, South Korea’s largest theme park. It has a couple of Asia-wide record holding rides (highest, longest, fastest, steepest wooden roller coaster, first suspended coaster), a safari/zoo area, and a waterpark. So you get a lot of bang for your buck – there’s a special ‘foreigner discount’ package that runs up until July, where you can get a ticket to Everland + transport for 44,000 won, which isn’t half bad.

Getting there is actually fairly easy. You book a spot on the bus that leaves at 9:30am from City Hall, and then sit back, relax and hope that your bus driver doesn’t run you off the road. (I’m kidding…). There are also alternative pick up spots at Dongdaemun and Gangnam stations, if City Hall is a bit of a treck. The overall bus ride takes about an hour, maybe less if you have a fast driver.

So we arrived at about 10:15, got our tickets and around 10:30 and then had seven and a half hours to spend doing whatever we pleased. Which was of course, to go on every single big-girl ride I could find. After buying a cute pair of pink and black cat ears. Obviously. Priorities.

The order of rides went a bit like this, columbus pirate ship, rolling x-train, let’s twist, amazon experience,  t-express, break for lunch + safari, t-express,  rotating house, 4d cinema, log flume, double rock twist, hurricane, championship rodeo. With a couple of added extras that I can’t remember right now. My favourites were definitely the t-express and the double rock twist. Hell to the yes for super fast rides and ones that spin cause everyone else to scream as you cackle manically. Ahem.

I seem to have the best luck when it comes to water rides too, not more than a tiny little splash while my friends were getting soaked. I think the water knows I’m british, knows that I’ve been to Alton Towers, Drayton Manor and Thorpe Park in the rain, and just cowers at my general existence. Or you know, I just somehow knew how to pick the dry seats.

Entrance to Everland Resort

I didn’t get the chance to go to Caribbean Bay (the water park part) seeing as it was just that bit too expensive on top of everything, and I wasn’t really dressed for splashing around in a swimming pool. Maybe next time.

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