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deli heinzburg garosugil seoul south korea review

If you hadn’t noticed by now, I like spending time in pretty places, and I definitely enjoy finding good food. So put the two together and you get a ridiculous amount of time spent in the Apgujeong/Sinsadong/Gangnam area sat in places that serve food. Which is ace. Because foooooooooooooooood.

As with most eateries in the Sinsa area, Deli Heinzburg is small… and popular. They make their own bread and serve some of the most massive paninis and burgers I have seen with my own two eyes, so I can certainly understand why. They also make the oils they use to cook with and pickled side dishes in house (oooh), and their menu is a bit of a laugh if you speak French or German. But hey, French and German on your menu does add a certain ‘sophistication’ (read: slight pretentiousness) to your establishment. Then again, we are in Sinsa, which is basically Korea’s Chelsea, so that ‘sophistication’ is abundant. However, Deli Heinzburg does like to bring your perceived sophistication down a couple of notches by making you collect your own food (oh the novelty).

Other things on the menu include pasta’s, sides, soups, desserts and a variety of drinks to dispel the hunger demons.

photo of the Pizza Panini served at Deli Heinzburg

Being not especially ravenous, I decided a panini would probably be the best way to go, as I was promised they were huge. I wasn’t disappointed either, the pizza panini (slightly reaching there but we’ll go with it) was certainly piled to the ceiling with everything you’d expect on a pizza. (Apart from tomato sauce – no, grilled tomatoes are not a substitute.) All in all I was pleased, and for 11,000won it wasn’t too distressing on my purse. 

deli heinzburg garosugil seoul south korea review

Doesn’t it look pretty~~~ Grapefruit-ade. Fresh grapefruit-ade. In a mason jar. I’ve since decided that all drinks should be presented to me in a mason jar, it just looks far prettier. Preferably with giant slabs of the fruit I’m drinking wedged along the sides too… or is that just a tad bit demanding? Either way, I’m not the most massive fan of grapefruit, tried it when I was little and didn’t like it, but this was refreshing. Good choice.

photo of pizza panini and grapefruitade, deli heinzburg

If you too would like to be slightly overwhelmed by the size of the food here, then you can find Deli Heinzburg on the street that runs parallel to the main garosugil street. On a nice day, I’d suggest eating on their veranda so you can people watch. Actually, even on a rainy day, eat on the veranda so that you can people watch – it’s more of a conservatory really.

address: 534-1 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울시 강남구 신사동 534-1)

phone :  02 541 8780

opening hours: [Mon-Sun] 10:00am-11:00pm

instagram | twitter | youtube



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