Churro101 – Better than a boyfriend?

Better than a boyfriend? Brand marketing at its finest, if you ask me. And well, Churro 101 does ask me a pretty important question. Do I want to be sweet? Hell yeah I do, I do indeed.

Well then, better get some Churros.

Churro 101 is, by far (to me, anyway), the best churro brand in Seoul. Ok that sounds like a massive sweeping statement, but trust me – they are. I’ve had churros from the big department stores (meh), the expensive gangnam stores (ehhhh + overpriced D:), and the hole-in-the-wall stores (good for a ‘quick one’)  in my time in Seoul, and none of them really compare to the churros that Churro 101 makes.


They’re reasonably priced, freshly made, and there’s a variety of different sampler’s and sets to choose from. They also serve coffee’s and hot chocolate.

My favourite set by far is the Ultimate Churros Sampler set. 4 churro’s, two plain, one vanilla cream filled, one chocolate filled, two deep fried oreos, a pot of chocolate dipping sauce, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

the ultimate churros sampler set

 The Hongdae branch cafe is completely adorable, with mismatched furniture and a kind of ‘shabby-chic’ decor. They have books and magazines you can flip through piled on a bookcase in the far corner, and an outdoor area that is heated in the winter and refreshing in the summer. You can watch the churros making process if you sit inside, and they have complimentary wifi!

It’s a bit of a quest to find the Hongdae branch though, it’s on the same road as the Coffee Prince cafe, just a bit further down, and it’s on the 2nd floor of its building. Thankfully, the Churro 101 brand likes the colour yellow, so it’s at least easy to spot the sign – it’s right by the stairs to the cafe.

Be warned though, as with most cutesy places in Seoul, most of the Churro 101 stores are tiny. Like, really, really small. They’re also really popular, and fill up fast from about 4:30pm onwards. You know, that time when school is let out, or the break between afternoon uni classes (the location for the Hongdae branch isn’t far from Hongik Uni)… And churros are such a brilliant snack…

Regardless, Churro 101 is definitely a place I recommend you should go, whether it be the Hongdae branch or any of the others. They all have different closing / last order times, so make sure you check before you go and find one! Take-out is also an option, if you want your churros on the go.

So are Churro 101 churros better than a boyfriend? I’ll let you find out yourself. The jury’s still out my end.

Churro 101 website
Hongdae Branch
address: 2nd floor  328-15  Seogyodong, Mapo-gu, Seoul   (서울시 마포구 서교동 328-15 2층 츄로101)
telephone: 070 8625 0331


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  1. Hanh says:

    Oh wow you got me salivating over these Churros! I just need to pop on a plane to Seoul now haha. I've just posted about SORTEDFood and their chocolate churros recipe, it's so easy – I have no excuse not to make them myself!Hanh / hanhabelle

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