Blogmas day 4: My Ultimate Xmas Wishlist

You know when there are some things you want, like, you see and you’re all ‘oh I’d like that’, and then there are some things you really really want? Yeah, this wishlist is the latter: my Ultimate Xmas Wants. The list where, when I strike something off, it feels like I’ve unlocked one of those super hard achievements in games. Like, congrats, Fii, you’ve managed to earn that thing you’ve wanted since xxxx. 

So I guess this is Dear Santa? Or Dear Mum & Dad? Or just a straight up apology to my bank account. Well.

canon eos 700d  || canon eos 70d

I think the item that tops my wishlist is a dSLR camera. I’ve never ever owned one, though I have borrowed/used friends before, so I know my way around a canon. My dream camera is the 5d mark iii, but I do not have the funds to throw at that. I wish wish wish I did, but I’d probably end up breaking it within the first week, or just never use it to keep it pristine and that isn’t the point of having a camera. Also I think a camera that professional would land me so far out of my depth initially that I’d get scared. Really scared. So toning it back to the ‘slightly more affordable’ entry- and mid-range cameras. It’s between the 700d and 70d. Cost wise, it’s obvious that the 700d would fit better with my budget – but I don’t know if I’ll ‘outgrow’ it too fast. The 70d is a bit of a stretch price wise, but might do me better in the long run. Opinions??? Help a girl out xo

long clothing: infinity dress || the brave long sleeve || infinity crop top || infinity joggers || hexagram crop top

I’ve had a bit of a fascination with the brand Long Clothing ever since they did a collaboration with Boy London a couple of years back. Sad thing is, they’re a tad bit more pricey than their collaboration partner, so I’m yet to actually own any of their stuff. I’m so in love with their infinity print series though, it pops up on my instagram feed every now and then (and by that I mean probably six out of seven days a week), styled by beautiful girls and boys. I love the unisex nature of a lot of both Long and Boy’s clothing – it’d make a perfect present for the friend that’s hard to shop for.

HOLGA fisheye instax mini 7s lens

I absolutely love my polaroid, but sometimes I wish that I could get different effects with the shots that I take. I had no idea there even were lenses for polaroids, I mean, cute film and stickers yes, but lenses??? Do want. Much need. If ever there was a present for people that have polaroids, other than polaroid film, because that is ridiculously expensive, then this is it.

The last thing on my ultimate list isn’t a material possession. It’s something that I’d just really like to do more of, to make someone else’s winter/Christmas a little bit happier: RAK. Random Acts of Kindness. Since winter is the hardest season for a lot of people, doing random little things to make someone’s day better is something that I really want to do more of.

So, guys, what’s on your ultimate Christmas wish list, or something that you’d like to do more of on the run up to Christmas?

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