Bill’s, though

bills london brewer street restaurant review

The only good thing about LFW being held at Brewer St. car park (because let’s be real, it still smelled of paint), was the fact that it was adjacent to Bill’s. I don’t know whether that was advanced planning – get all the fashionable people close to this super swish, bloggers’ fave of an establishment – or an incredibly happy coincidinc. Whatever, it would’ve been totes rude to not see what all this fuss is about. 

Plus: pink lemonade, the promise of fish finger sandwiches and a hefty dose of  ‘well you like food? Bill’s it is!’ from the ever lovely Hannah – loveiconfantasyego, go check her out – and I was a pretty happy camper for my first, second, and third Bill’s visit. 

Well it was right there. 

bills london brewer street restaurant review buttermilk chicken burger

bills london brewer street restaurant review doughnuts

bills london brewer street restaurant review doughnuts

The first stop was for actual dinner. Fish finger sandwiches, chicken burgers, and doughnuts at the ready. Bill’s is pretty much the epitome of comfort food. If that ‘christ I’m too busy to cook for myself and I’ll cry if I have to buy another meal-deal wrap’ feeling has you in its clutches, please pop on over to bliss yourself out. Obviously, the dishes have that slight gourmet twist – but you lose none of the good ol’ home cooked-ness. 

We went for the classics, fish finger sandwich and a chicken burger, tea, pink lemonade and doughnuts to follow. Food coma: achieved. 

bills london brewer street restaurant review hot chocolate

bills london brewer street restaurant review bruschetta

Round 2: hot chocolate and bruschetta. Just what you need to warm you up from a soggy Burberry show, and a very rainy Brewer St.

Round 3 was a mac n’ cheese and sweet potato fries kind of day, but I must have been either clearly famished and requiring instant sustinance, or just forewent the blogger staple of PHOTOS BEFORE FOOD in favour of EATING ALL THE FOOD, because I have no shots of either. Oops. They were quite delish though.

Apart from occasionally lethargic service – which I’ll put down to the actual circus that was Fashion Week raging on outside – I thoroughly loved my Bill’s experiences. Def recommend if you’re in the area, the prices aren’t steep and the atmosphere is lovely and relaxed.

Have you dined at Bill’s? What did you think? I’m dying to try the pink lemonade…

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6 responses to “Bill’s, though”

  1. Josie Brownlee says:

    I love your pictures, I'm a huge fan of Bill's! They do a smashing breakfast too, we always go when I'm back home. The vegetarian breakfast is be-a-utiful!Josie // josievictoriaa / fashion, travel and lifestyle

  2. Jessica Edmunds says:

    I have never been to Bills before but I am totally up for now, it looks AMAZING I am so hungry now xxx

  3. elizabeth says:

    So interesting and your photos are gorgeous!! I've never known photos to make me that hungry xD xxelizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow

  4. Jasmin Charlotte says:

    Yum! I love Bills, they do exactly as you say, awesome comfort food. The breakfasts are really good too! x Jasmin Charlotte

  5. Meg Siobhan says:

    I love Bills! I've only been there twice though…and both times I've gone for the asparagus and leek macaroni cheese. DELISH.Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  6. Mel Davies says:

    I adore Bills, the food is incredible!Lillies and Lipbalmxx

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