Autumn Outfit Inspiration

We’re settling quite firmly into the autumnal season. Crunchy leaves, colder nights, the threat of Halloween (and then Christmas) on the horizon as shops add the sparkly stuff far too early. All the new American TV series start airing…

I really like autumn as a season, although my skin certainly doesn’t. And, despite my wardrobe being certainly more prepared for the warmer months, autumn is actually one of my favourite seasons to dress for. So below the cut I’ve put together 3 outfits that I think would be really nice to wear during the months of autumn.

autumn outfit base

Boohoo white top £25/ Amy Indigo Stone Wash Dungaree, £25 / H M black sneaker, £30 / Boohoo pink backpack £27

#1: Work Hard

I know there’s a smidgen of a divide over the revival of dungarees or overalls. You either love them or you hate them, a bit like the marmite of the fashion world. Personally, I think they’re cute. They’re a bit more interesting than a plain pair of jeans, and quite versatile with styling, although that does tend to lead to them being a little bit intimidating.

This distressed pair from boohoo combine the latest trend for ripped up jeans, and mixes them with the playfulness of dungarees. I’d do the ‘plain white tee and jeans’ combo, and have a simple vneck top underneath. For the colder weather, I’d also throw on a pastel or light coloured knit jumper, which, depending on how I’m feeling, I could put under the dungaree straps, or wear over it for the jeans effect.

I’d keep the shoes simple, even though I really love the look of the slouchy jeans with open toed sandals, for autumn anywhere in a country that has seasons, it’s not really much of an option. I really like these platforms from H&M, they add height and a little bit more playfulness to the look. Alternatively, you could go with white/black converse, or a boot.

For bags, I think this backpack from boohoo is really cute, keeps the hands free if you’re being active, and may be that bit more convenient than a satchel or shoulder bag.

autumn inspiration #2

Boohoo maxi top £ 27/ Boohoo floral print romper £25 / H&m boots, £25 / Hannah Satchel Structured PU Backpack at, £22 / Bethanie Star Pendant Rope Choker Black – Necklaces – Missguided, £4.99 / Satinca Slinky Chain Bracelet – Jewellery – Bracelet – Missguided, £4.99

#2: Dark Floral

I’m not a massive fan of floral prints unless they’re dark floral prints, even though I am a lover of pastel and girly girl colours. Just a personal thing. I absolutely adore this playsuit from boohoo. If I wasn’t on such a tight budget this month (this year… this life) I’d have it now. It’s a little bit safer than wearing a dress or a skirt up north, all the wind, but the fuller shorts hang in a similar fashion to a jersey skirt, so it’s not as obvious. I’d wear this playsuit with dark tights, sheerer for October, thicker as the weather gets colder.

Any type of boots would look good with this outfit, in my opinion. I picked these chelsea boots from H&M because they’re not especially clunky, but still add a little bit of an edge. Docs would also add a great dynamic to this look too.

The maxi cardigan, also from boohoo, adds a nice layering effect to the outfit. I’d probably switch it out for a thicker jumper for the colder days, or maybe one of the faux-fur effect jackets.

For accessories, I’d keep it simple. A pendant necklace, perhaps layered with one of the tattoo chokers would look nice, and on the wrists I’d keep it simple. This satchel, I am absolutely in love with satchels that are also backpacks, is something I think works well. Leaves your hands free to do the cheeky hat grab in windy spells. Because for a witchy Dark Floral look, the floppy black hat is a must.

autumn inspiration #3

White top £17 / H M short skirt, £20 / Boohoo high heel shoes £31-£37 / H M woolen shawl, £25 / ROMWE | ROMWE Striped V-neck Cardigan, The Latest Street Fashion, £24

#3 College Girl

Tartan, if you hadn’t already seen or guessed, is a massive trend this autumn. Great news for the scots, they’ve been wearing it for years… For the rest of us, we have the high street at our disposal instead of family patterns. This skirt from H&M gave me this really school-girl vibe, so I’ve paired it with this plain white Romwe button down and a Romwe cricket-style jumper. I really like this white top, the sleeves are rolled and it has that slouchy, oversized feeling that would really work tucked into the skirt.

I’d add a varsity style bomber jacket to this look, if you want to steer a bit away from the school girl vibe, then a duster coat in either black or gray to contrast the light upper would work well. For colder days, I’d say attempt to match your tartans, but that can be really hard, so as long as you’re working in the right colour scheme somewhere, you should be ok.  Shoes have to be clunky for me, so these platform chelsea type boots are ace. I also really like vagabond zip-front pair.

This is the only look I added makeup for, as I think it would look better with a darker eye and lip. Going light might give it too much of a fresh faced, school girl type vibe.

So what do you think of these looks? My favourite is #2, would snap all that up in a heartbeat (a lot of those items are on my wishlist…).



  1. Bethan Thomas
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    I LOVE this post.Beth // My £200 Beauty Product Giveaway!

    • Fii Cridland
      October 12, 2014 / 10:24 pm

      Awh thank you hun 🙂 xo

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