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If you've seen the streetstyle posts from this season of Seoul Fashion Week (if not: day 2, day 3, and day 6), you've probably got a bit of an idea of what's been trending in the style arena as we move into spring and summer. Since the weather was a little bit unpredictable, there were also some solid transitional outfits to deal with the conundrum of 'warm days, cold nights' that spring is known for. 

It's so confusing when I don't need a coat really to go to work, but as soon as I leave it's cruel and cold and a jumper just won't do.

So, if you're looking for some spring fashion inspiration to spice up your style game a la Seoul, I've done a little trend report for you. I've also included a lot of photographers that you should really check out the instagrams of!

diy-d half leg jeans

a slight step up from the overly ripped denim look, we're now moving into axing one leg completely, and maaaaaaan was this popular. Shorts on one side, full leg on the other, in a variety of shades, cuts and styles. When people didn't want to completely get rid of half of a serviceable pair of jeans (who knows how long this trend will last), they just stuck a leg through one of the rips at the thigh.

trend watch streetstyle seoul fashion week

denim on denim on denim on denim

in Korea, the minute spring hits you must swap your heavy winter coats for lighter trenches, leather/pleather/leather look, or denim. It's just the done thing. You will stick it out. One of the trends this season seemed to be denim on denim on denim on denim. Scratch the Canadian tuxedo, we're going full out denim everything. If you're not that brave, definitely invest in a denim jacket or long coat (hit up some vintage stores for superb finds).

Ruffles are still going strong, which makes me very happy as I love the romantic feel they give to more structured or tailored outfits. I've also got to the point where I physically need one ruffled blouse in my wardrobe... so I'm please this trend is alive and kicking. There seems to be everything from delicate collars, to chest pieces, to the most impractical ruffled sleeves, so there's something to suit everyone. And if you're not a fan of the ruffles up top, they've migrated to skirts and been added to kickflare trousers.

I particularly like this trend paired with a simpler skirt or trousers, since the fussier the ruffles the busier the overall outfit feels. For dresses, a traditional trench coat to throw over would work well, and I think if the ruffles are in the sleeves, then resurrect the sleeveless jackets to really show them off.

bright BRIGHT colours

bright colours streetstyle seoul fashion week

If you're a fan of magentas, mustards, reds, greens, and the brighter side of the rainbow, you'll love the trend of bright bright colours that cropped up this season. I loved how they were used in fab monochromatic outfits, or colour blocked with contrasting shades. It makes for some really fun outfits.

I'm definitely inspired to use more colour in my wardrobe this spring! A lot of the clothes that I kept from my wardrobe clear out all seem to be quite muted, darker colours, or straight up black and white. Fab for pairing with brighter colours, but I have none of the brighter colours to pair them with... I'm totally ready to inject some fun pops of colour into my wardrobe.

microfashion is strong 

[but kind of really shady...]

microfashion seoul fashion week streetstyle trends

microfashion seoul fashion week streetstyle trends

It still seems that the most popular accessory you can have at Seoul Fashion Week is a mini-me. The children are seriously well dressed here; and even though they probably don't have much of a say in what they get to wear, they know how to wear it very well. It's mildly disconcerting when a three year old can work their light better than you can, Tyra would be so impressed.

The ethics of the whole phenomenon are still a little shady, I'm not entirely sure where I stand on the 'should this even be a thing', most of the kids seem to be enjoying themselves, but it isn't exactly the best environment to bring them to... and I think the editors of Vogue US would have a fit seeing the parents change the kids into different outfits throughout the day...

It is really fun to see though. Most of them are incredibly well behaved and very polite.

microfashion seoul fashion week streetstyle trends


I think this is probably one of the standout trends for womenswear across the global fashion scene right now. Fishnets and whalenets (the bigger holes) are everywhere, and set to stay it seems. Wear them under skirts, under jeans (the more ripped the jeans, the better), under low-rise trousers for a visible waistband, or just pick up a pair of fishnet socks and pair them with sandals/shoes! Instantly grunge up the girliest of outfits.

I have two pairs myself and I'm really looking forward to getting more wear out of them now the weather is warmer, and I don't have to wear another pair underneath.


The Koreans really know how to accessorise, especially when it comes to headwear. You can buy snapbacks as easily as you can buy a Starbucks, they're literally everywhere, and it's nice to see that berets, fedoras, wide brimmed hats, and baker boy caps are getting just as much love now. They really do elevate an outfit from 'pretty fab' to 'fashionista chic'.

I have an actual proper yearning for a few hats now, and how to wear them...

L!kesnaps(@likesnaps)님의 공유 게시물님,

💄💍👠디디공간👠💍💄(@dohyespace)님의 공유 게시물님,

headwear at seoul fashion week

on all days we wear pink

pink trending seoul fashion week

Pink has definitely stood out as the colour of choice this season! From pastel shades to hot pink jeans, rosy shades for all types of clothing is the go to. Bonus points for all pink outfits. I'm especially loving a lot of the pastel wash denim in H&M at the moment, as well as the jackets Bershka and Zara have here in Seoul (I'm still so conflicted about buying from Zara and its sister brands though...).

Pink can be such a versatile colour, and works in a range of overall styles and aesthetics, so don't be afraid to add a piece or two to your wardrobe!

pink trending seoul fashion week

pink trending seoul fashion week

the 'I don't know why it's a trend but it's a trend so I'll have to deal' looks:

camo print

No clue why this has suddenly become so popular (if anyone says anything about politics and North Korea, shuuuuuuuuuush). I saw a ridiculous amount of purple camo print in various street style looks and it's confused me greatly but hey ho here it is. I'm not the biggest fan, but watch me eat my words in May or June...

(update - I am now the proud owner of camo print workout leggings so...)

Other trends I quite liked: 

Midi and maxi length skirts and dresses, wide legged culottes/trousers, mixing contrasting textures (think lace or tulle with leather), and the more 'traditional' korean streetstyle of impeccable layering, oversized clothing, and clean lines.

Let me know what you think of these trends!! Will you be adding any to your wardrobe this season??

Don't forget to check out the photographers and show them some love!