little luxuries to buy if lottery win
The question was posed by @misslellabell (eating with my fingers): "What's the first thing- the actual very first money-this-second-transferred thing- you'd buy if you won the Lottery?"

We all fantasize so much about the big purchases we'd make if we had the funds - houses, cars, things we'd pay off (or back), the once in a lifetime experiences - but I don't think I'd ever thought about the little luxuries I'd finally be able to go 'oh ok maybe I can' before I saw that tweet.

It's funny isn't it - so here's a list of little luxuries I'd get if I won the lottery.

1) polaroid film
polaroids are something I love. An instant, one-take, no real do overs way to capture memories. I got my polaroid about 5 years ago now (so it isn't the cute version of the instax mini), and in that time I've been very conservative about what I take photos of, since polaroid film is so. damn. expensive. Even sourcing on eBay or AliExpress, it's still a bit of a stretch to be buying pack upon pack or bundle upon bundle. Honestly, they're one of my favourite types of camera though, so when I'm earning more steadily I'll definitely be picking more up. 

2) makeup/desktop storage
I swear in the last few years the price of desktop storage has increased. I keep looking for different variations and combinations of ways to effectively store the multitude of knick-knacks I have sitting on my desk, as well as the makeup I use and nothing has really grabbed me as a solid investment. Size vs price vs material... At the moment I'm using cleaned empty butter tubs and coffee jars, but I need something that takes up a little less room as my collection grows. 

The alternative is I stop buying new bits and pieces... but I like that less. 

small luxuries to buy

3) external hard-drives
One of the worst things about creating content or taking lots of photos is the lack of memory or disk space to store it all. I currently have one external hard-drive that I use for pretty much everything, and it's perilously close to being full. Cloud storage is also a thing I dabble in, but after all the hacking and whatnot it makes me a little paranoid to use it for sensitive material. So another external (or two) would be fab; it'd also mean I can also divert the processing space used by premiere pro/after effects/photoshop so it stops killing my laptop. 

4) baskets. many, many baskets
I've really been bitten by the organisational bug. I'm in the process of sorting out my room, and after realising just how much stuff I have, I also noticed that I don't really have the means to store a lot of the things I use regularly, properly. My wardrobe is a bit of a mess, as well as a lot of my shelving, so along with the desk storage, I'd probably be adding a large number of baskets to my cart. 

5) a longboard or penny board
One of the things I've wanted for a while now is a longboard or a penny board. A penny board would be easier to travel with, and if I'm heading back out to Seoul seems like the best option, but there's something about longboards that I think is really cool. They're massive in Korea, and in summer when the weather is fab there are so many out around the paths by the river it's magic. They look like so much fun, and a great way to get your daily dose of exercise in by doing something fun. 

Wahhhh, this probably reads as such an indulgent post, but the little luxuries or expenses that just get pushed further and further back are really interesting to think about sometimes! Also if you can help me find any of these at sliiightly lower price points so they feel less painful please do!

Let me know what your own little luxuries would be if you won the lottery, obviously not the high interest rate bank account squirreling, or the house buying, but the little things that you'd finally be able to justify!