how to style blue and white striped shirt

If there's one trend to hop on now for the transitional period into autumn fashion it's the blue and white striped shirt. Although usually relegated to the work-slash-office section of many a wardrobe (mine included), they're a surprisingly versatile piece: a little bit Greek Island with the colour scheme to remind us of summer, a little bit of an introduction to the bold patterned shirts and blouses hitting the rails very soon.

Basically a Trend To Watch. 

how to style blue and white striped shirt
sunglasses c/o firmoo
blue & white striped shirt: h&m
pink crop top: boohoo c/o octer
tennis skirt: taobao
crystal socks: aliexpress
shoes: new look

I probably didn't pick the best day to wear this outfit - surprise wind, London heat, too many layers - but it was the Blogosphere Cover Reveal party and I thought it would be something cute to spend the day in that wasn't too dressy for the event in the evening. The only downside to trends is the fact that british weather doesn't always cooperate - open shirts and photos plus wind aren't a match made in heaven at all

The button down is from h&m, the standard womens fitted shirt range which has a variety of different styles. I got this a few years back now, but they're always in store as they're pretty much a staple. I tend to hover between preferring men's cuts or less fitted women's shirts, as the very fitted can look a bit odd if you're anything under 5'5 (hi.), and I find the looser styles way more versatile. This particular style is somewhere in the middle, it sits quite well and can be worn a number of different ways quite comfortably. 

I wanted to wear the shirt open-fronted because London during heatwaves is a little unbearable, so put this little blush coloured boohoo crop top on underneath. It's a fab piece for layering, spaghetti strapped with piping detail means it's a fairly neutral piece and won't clash with items you want to put it under, or over. 

Tennis skirts still hold my heart, and I love this one I picked up in a taobao order. It's a thicker material than even the white American Apparel skirt I have, and comes with shorts stitched in as a lot of skirts from asia do. Though with the wind I decided to be extra safe and not flash anyone so chucked on some lace trimmed cycle/safety shorts from Forever21. 

how to style blue and white striped shirt

how to style blue and white striped shirt

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I'm definitely going to be trying out more of this trend through the transitional period. At the moment I'm really loving the oversized wide striped shirts that sit with the collar off the shoulders. It's a really breezy look I'd love to try.

What do you think of the shirt trend moving from workwear into the more 'off-duty' realm? Are you a fan, or think they're strictly office only?

Shots are by the wonderful Lou from Naturally Beige