transferrable skills from blogging

Buzzword alert: transferrable skills. An 'en vogue' term that basically means things you can do well in one aspect or area of your life, may also apply to somewhere else. For slightly lazy gals like me, that's kinda fab - especially when education eats into that all-valuable experience time, and the job market is measely where you live - because things you do in, say, blogging, can actually apply to other things. 

Cheers all round. The next time someone says that blogging is (mildly) useless, toss em' a few of these. 

- time management
juggling full time commitments with other time costly commitments, whatever they may be, means that to get content out you have to manage your time. Be it setting aside an hour here and there to work or having a nominated day to bulk-write content, somehow you manage to make sure everything gets done in the aspects of your life. Management skills right there. 

- formal communication skills
if you're at a stage where you're working/collaborating/pitching with or to brands, then you can chalk yourself up some formal communication skills. It might not be something massively CV worthy, but it does show that you know how to operate in a professional setting. 

- adobe suite skills/final cut skills
depending on your editing software of choice, if you know how to use them past the absolute basics, then you have another transferrable skill under your belt. Editing software can be tricky to get to grips with, so a little know-how may go a long way.

- social media skills
as bloggers we spend possibly an excessive amount of time on social media. How many miles have our thumbs collectively scrolled? If you've amassed a group of regularly engaged followers, then congrats you probably are an influencer (the goal posts move often, so take that as you will). If you don't feel comfortable slapping a label on yourself, then delight in the fact that if you use social media to promote your content, you understand how to promote on social media. 

- organisational skills
despite The Organised Blogger practically being a trope (possibly a book? If not I dibs rights), blogging does tend to help organisational skills. I'm trying not to paint with too large a brush here, because for some it doesn't, and preferring a floordrobe over crisp pinterest rails and stacks of stuff over size-ordered shelving is totally fine. I have a floordrobe. But I've also devised a very thorough, very useful computer filing system for everything that is on my laptop. Everything has a place because if it didn't I'd be thoroughly lost. 

It can be quite easy to overlook some of the benefits hobbies and 'extracurricular' (can you have extracurriculars for general life?) activities have that can be applied to other areas of our lives. I think the skills I've mentioned are probably the most obvious without getting too contrived and definitely the most generic, but I'd love to hear what you think! Or if you have any more that I've missed.