lockshopwigs review sylph style mahogany

As a human, I think my hair is quite important. Some days it feels fab, others... not so much. And as someone who suffers from trich too, especially when stress is high, the 'other' days are sometimes really, really frequent. And then there are the other 'sometimes' when I just want to look completely different and confuse everyone, 

Enter Lockshop.  

I was first introduced to Lockshop via the online lolita community, but didn't really have much of a need/want or the pennies for them. But times and circumstance change, and I realised that heck it'd be really cool if I could have a collection of ways to change my hair at moments notice, minimal hassle, so I consulted a couple of my more knowledgeable friends (Han, Meg, Sarah) and then ended up on Lockshop. 

The store has three lines, Regular, Pure, and Premium. The 'Pure' line is for more every-day wear, so they're a little bit lighter and more durable so tend to be a tad coarser. The 'Premium' line are lace front, hand knotted and usually limited edition; with the 'Regular' line doing exactly what it says on the tin. All are billed as high-quality synthetic products. 

I was quite skeptical about ordering wigs online. I've done so in the past for cosplay purposes years ago, although they were e-bay sellers and although weren't bad, they weren't fab either,  and I much prefer the system they had in Korea where they had actual stores so you could go and see them. I'd also heard quite a mixed set of responses from most of the larger wig retailers in many a community, so I hoped that I wasn't going to be throwing my money away. Do quite like having money. 

lockshopwigs review sylph style mahogany

The only issue I had in the entire order process was a bug in their system meant my order hadn't processed properly. The lockshop team informed me pretty swiftly, and gave the option for them to re-process the order which would mean waiting a little longer, or to have the order completely refunded. As you can probably guess I chose the first option, since waiting wasn't really much of an issue for me at all. 

The wig ordered was the Sylph style in Mahogany, which is a beautiful red toned brown, settling in a deep auburn, I think. It's really soft, brushes out well and is easily styled. The cap has clips in so you can adjust it to the size of your head, and it doesn't feel too heavy when it's on. I won't say it isn't noticeable, because the extra hair obviously is, but I didn't find it to be too bad. It also looks really natural on too, which for synthetic wigs can be quite the chore. It got to the point where, when I was taking photos for this post (and for me in general) I really wanted the colour and length to be my own hair. Sad times.

lockshopwigs review sylph style mahogany

Overall, I'm really quite happy and hope to be able to use the Sylph wig in a couple of shoots or pet-projects I have planned. It's also nice to have the option to have princess hair without the damage of extension too. 

Let me know what you guys think! I'm just gonna sit over here and wonder why my genes didn't bestow upon me this hair colour or this length...