stan smith new look dupes ice cream phone case

This week has been the week of MUCH REVISION. SUCH DISSERTATION. And also seeing Star Wars for the second time. I really do love that film. 

I've been back at the uni flat for near enough a week again now, so the routine is pretty much, revise, read, eat, revise, sleep, revise, eat, etc etc. With a couple of breaks for mentally winding down and yoga. I also managed to sneak in a few cheeky sale pieces before I set myself on the mother of all spending bans. And finally got my mane cut today, after faffing about for weeks over it because, like dentists, I'm not too fond of hairdressers.

Ok hairdressers are way better than dentists I just get scared and embarrassed because reasons.

stan smith new look dupes ice cream phone case

The sale purchase: 

These New Look trainers (adidas x stan smith dupes). £6. Six pounds for these and I've been wanting a pair for frickin' yonks. Much more purse friendly than the Stan Smiths' that start at £62, and they're really quite comfy. Probably not going to stay pristine white for long but I love them so it's fine. 

The not-sale purchase but cheap as chips anyway:

New phone case alert. I'm a sucker for silicone cases, especially ones that are cute and slightly odd. I've had rilakkuma in all the colours, the starbucks cup, and now the pink ice cream. This one isn't as thick/padded as the others, but I'll see how I get on. 

long bob style for naturally wavy hair inspiration

New Hurrrr. 

I am chronically terrible at getting my hair cut. Sorry, hairdressers of the world - you're gonna cringe - but the last time I had a chop was exactly a year ago today. Reasons? Well, cost, for one. Having 5 inches lopped off set me back about three weeks worth of food, but it was needed. Second is probably the condition of my scalp because of dry skin/allergies and trich. The damage is embarrassing and a lot of people don't really know how to deal with it.

Thankfully the stylist that saw me today was lovely - sorted me out with a smile and a laugh and a beautiful new do that will work with my natural curl/wave. I feel about six billion times happier now - my hair's been the cause of a lot of anguish recently. Cheers Wigs and Warpaint.  It's the first step in a stage (I'm excited), and hopefully I can nourish it a lil' bit more effectively than I was when it was looooong.

So a definite Fri-YAY to me!

What do you think? Yay or nay to the shoes and phone case? What have been your yay's this week? :)