Rebel MAC cosmetics lipstick first impressions

I've been incredibly lucky so far this December, I won my first ever MAC cosmetics lipstick from the lovely Jessica (over at making it up, go and have a lil' snoop).  First ever MAC product. Don't judge, I've just never got round to exploring the counter before - it isn't exactly cheap and my priorities have been elsewhere whenever I'm in a Debenhams, and I've not been in a MAC store long enough to shop. I've swatched, but never bought.

So, complete MAC virgin that I am - what do I think of Rebel?

REBEL mac lipstick first impressions

Rebel MAC cosmetics lipstick first impressions

Well. MAC is always one for sleek packaging, so the box and the bullets casing get a thumbs up from me. The tube is weighty, which is always a nice feeling - flimsy lipsticks are not the one - and the lid clicks on securely so there's no chance of ruining the bullet itself. Score. Hate it when caps pop off in my bag. 

The shade itself, Rebel, looks a little bit like one of my Rimmel London shades (128, Starry-eyed) in the tube, though with a touch more red/pink. In the swatches, Rebel is much more pink-toned, a beautiful rich plum colour in a satin finish. The pigmentation is high, you don't need multiple applications to get a decent swipe of colour, and the formula itself is quite creamy. 

REBEL mac lipstick first impressions swatch

On the lips: I'm probably going to have to invest in a lip liner, or just learn how best to apply this, as it feathered quite quickly. My lips aren't in the best condition right now (I'm poorly, I apologise!), so I don't have any 'on-the-lips' shots for you, but it is pretty true to colour when applied. Though in all fairness that may have caused the feathering. Oopsie. 

So not a bad first impression from a MAC cosmetics virgin. I can definitely see why these lipsticks are raved about, the pigmentation is brilliant and the finishes are pretty. I'm eying up a couple of other shades (Heavy Petting, Instigator, Boyfriend Stealer and Diva),  mostly darks as you can see, but they are all different finishes so I can see how they compare. 

All in all, quite good, I think. 

Which are your favourite MAC lipstick shades? What do you recommend I try from MAC's other lines (no base makeup, though!)? Let me know~