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This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster - as it is every year to an extent - and I've found I've been wanting to catch up on blogs and youtube channels in my downtime over flicking on the telly and binge-watching music videos (don't judge, I don't have time to invest in a series). I've added to my reading list massively over 2015, thoroughly enjoying all those stolen minutes in between paragraphs of essays catching up on new purchases, recipes and getting inspiration for my own outfits.

Some of these you know already, I try to give as much as I take from the community back, so if you follow me on twitter (doo I'm sort of witty, we can be friends!) then a few definitely will not be a surprise - but I'm still in the festive spirit and all for a proper 2015 roundup... so it's sharesies time. 

You'll have probably noticed that there are two lists: 50 favourite bloggers and 50 favourite blogs... just so I can cover as much ground as possible. The bloggers on the 'blogger' list all have amazing blogs too, I just love the person to bits behind the page. I've tried to make sure that there isn't any overlap between the lists, but chances are a few names slipped through the net... 

~50 favourite bloggers~

some of these are really obvious. they all have fab blogs, and they get special mentions because i've really enjoyed conversing with them over the past year. each of them has, in their own way, helped me tonnes this year and they all deserve your love, too. not an ordered list, it's just the way it happened. 

chantel - bonnie blondie
han - hxanou
jemma - dorkface
holly - witch cake
lucy - ljlv
laila - tapeparade
frankie - frankiie beauty
kayleigh - very berry cosmo
rhianna - robowecop
hannah - hannah delacour
jasmine - blogsallbeautyy
becky - beckybedbug
sophie - cosybean
carolin - style lingua
alice - elisysh
izzy - qthee
sara - east of siam
alice - style by ali
francesca - frans beauty blog
stephanie - stephrosphoto
lauren - blonde vision
heather - 100 ways to 30
fran - frannymac
brooke - brook-elise

~50 favourite blogs~

if you see a theme it's entirely coincidental... i do like beautiful photos and content and layouts, though... this list is not a ranking it's just the way it happened. 

Things I've learned from this post: 50 was ambitious; wow there are some awesome fecking people around tbh, a lot of these names are going to overlap when I do the youtube one...

There you go. Around 100 blogs/bloggers that I've spent 2015 loving. Maybe not all of 2015, but when I found them, loved. You should totally go and check out the ones you don't know. OR let me know who your favourite bloggers were, and which your favourite blogs were this year! Now that's a good idea :D

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