andrews cafe tea rooms sheffield review

'EXPLORE SHEFFIELD!!!!' I scream at myself, write it in my diary, on my calendar, that napkin over there because god almighty I actually need to stray a little further than the IC roundabout and big Tesco's. Final year and I've barely seen this city because one too many corp's during freshers was the Thing To Be Doing. 

My goal this year (along with getting a first, putting on successful events, being all the social, moving my blog on, upping my youtube game) is to see more of this city that has been my home for two years - Korea stole me for one - and actually be able to respond when someone asks me for recommendations. And what do I do when I go exploring? I grab Sian and we make a cute time out of it. 

So we went for tea and cake at Andrews Cafe Tea Rooms. Because somehow I've never been before. 

andrews cafe tea rooms sheffield carrot cake

andrews cafe tea rooms sheffield raspberry elder-flower tea

andrews cafe tea rooms sheffield chocolate cake

andrews cafe tea rooms sheffield

Tucked away a little further down than you'd think on Chapel Walk, Andrews Cafe Tea Rooms entices you in with probs some of the best looking cakes in the window. Including one with an Alice in Wonderland theme. I see you shaking your head at that bias, but honestly they are truly gorgeous to look at. The tea room itself is quite small on the inside, but there is terraced seating upstairs and a little decked area for those sunny days. Since it was a cold Sunday, we decided to sit our little bums inside. 

The menu covers all things from toast to cake - best kind of menu tbh - and we started by ordering our tea. The staff were lovely and welcoming, and told me pretty quickly that the tea I originally wanted - the black(currant?berry?) ginseng and vanilla - had been discontinued. Sad face, that tea sounded epic. Sian took a normal breakfast brew, and we went about decided on cake

Carrot cake was the way to go, and Sian tried the chocolate. Both of us were super happy, commenting on all sorts because we watch too much Bake Off and clearly should be given Mary Berry's job. Basically they're pretty ace cakes - I found the icing on mine a little too sweet towards the end, but the adorable little piped carrot made it worth it. 

All in all, it's a cute little spot that you have to try at least once if you're in the area. I want to try their afternoon tea next, seeing as it's wildly more affordable than that time I went to the Sanderson in London - and maybe try another of their herbal brews.  

Where's your favourite tea room? I'm compiling a list of 'tea rooms to visit' (yes, I am that cute), so any recommendations are greatly appreciated! Swapsies?