Ljubljana street photo
streets of Ljubljana
 in case you missed: part 1 - bled / part 2 - radovljica-postojna / Part 3 - portoroz-izola / Part 4 - Piran

The last place we went to in Slovenia was the capitol, Ljubljana, a two-day stay that rounded off our little tour of the country really nicely. Ljubljana isn't a particularly large city, but it has lots of beautiful winding roads and gorgeous architecture. There's an old quarter, that houses the funicular to the castle, as well as the city market, and a lot of cultural aspects dotted around the city to explore. (Heads up, they're super proud of their Roman heritage.)

view of ljubljana slovenia from castle
view of ljubljana from the castle
Ljubljana has a river running through the city that is criss-crossed by bridges, and buildings frame either side. It's not the best walk as you go through the centre, as most of the bars and cafe's back onto the river and it can be just a tad bit busy, but it's pretty nonetheless. The real beauty, we found, was a little way out of the centre, near the galleries and museums - and I especially liked all the street art/graffiti around the Dragon Bridge area. 

Also, if you don't get a picture with a dragon in Ljubljana, apparently you are doing something very, very wrong.  

One of my friends told me that I had to try the ice cream parlour, cacao. Since we didn't manage to raid the freezers at the branch in Portoroz, we decided that we would at Ljubljana, and hooo yes I definitely recommend. Any of the flavours are great. 

Congress Square - ljubljana
Congress Square - ljubljana
 We also went to look around the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, as they were fairly close together and also near Park Tivoli, where we spent the morning waling around the grounds. Mum's not the biggest on 'modern' art, but I found the exhibitions really interesting. We also went to look around the castle - as odd as it sounds,  I definitely recommend making a stop at the torture exhibit - which has been redesigned since ownership was handed back to the Slovenian people. It's definitely a must-see on the castle list. 

Ljubljana really is a beautiful city, and I wish I had had more time than the two days we booked to look around. Oh, we stayed at the City Hotel, if you were wondering. With the city not being as large as somewhere like London (or Seoul), it's really easy to walk to lots of interesting places and explore lots of interesting things. I'm definitely going to return at some future point to discover all the little cafes and bistros that I didn't get to try with indecisive mother. (It's obviously hereditary, the indecision over where to eat...)

So I guess this concludes the posts on Slovenia! It was a really, really lovely trip and I thoroughly suggest going if you want something a little different than the European usual. 

Where have you been this summer? Staycation? Jetsetting far and wide? Yet to go?