2015 ebay purchase

It's no secret the eBay is a massive treasure trove of weird and wonderful things that just, happen to find their way into my basket and then... somehow end up in my house? Getting the app was probably a mistake and a half. I am so so sorry, bank account. 

So, so sorry. 

But while there is a stigma surrounding eBay quality and truthfulness of sellers, I will proudly fly the flag for team 'if you search hard enough, you really can find some absolute gems'. Not to say that there aren't people out to scam you, so be careful (and aware that eBay and paypal can help you recover your money if your goods don't turn up!)

2015 ebay purchase

It does bring me an immense amount of joy to find things I've been wanting for absolutely ages at much more reasonable prices. I've wanted the American Apparel reversible tutu forever, but could never stomach spending that amount for (admittedly very good quality) poof. I've mentioned it before in this outfit post, but I really do love it. 

I also found this really cute cage skirt with nautical details. The material wasn't at all what I was expecting (neoprene) but it fits like a dream and I'm really happy with it. The stripes and the little anchor on the zip has me swooning. 

Since I've started using my planner like a responsible adult I've decided that I need all the stickers to brighten up my schedules. eBay has such an abundance of sellers for your sticker needs (with free postage) at incredibly reasonable prices.  Not that I need any more to add to my collection of stickers, I still have pretty much... all of the fairy tale sets still intact from last year!

I do, however, love adding to my sunglasses collection. I saw these for about £2.50 and needed them. They're plastic, lightweight and fabulous. 

Have you picked up anything from eBay recently, or do you tend to opt to more of the usual stores?