Before this week I was a complete Lush and Soap and Glory virgin. Never bought a product from either of them. Sure I've been into the shop and seen the stands but I've never parted with my cash. I have had Lush stuff given to me as a present before (years and years ago...) but I've never gone and done that for myself. I guess the need for a new hand cream and something to have a little post-exam pamper sesh made me step outside my comfort zone. Ooooh new products. Ooooh. 

I guess I could've gone with bath bombs to dip my toe into the world of Lush... buuut I'm not a mahoosive fan of baths. On occasion, yeah, but regularly and right now?? Not so much. So I went with one of the face masks, after about an hour of reading what they all do online. My skin is a major fan of honey, and I was intrigued to see what the other ingredients would do for my face, so yup. The consistency is nothing like I'm used to, but I'm sat with it on right now and it's quite nice.

Brazened Honey face mask: £6.50 for 75g at Lush

I also like having really soft hands. And at the minute, what with packing and moving and stressing and nothing being as clean as I'd really like... I'm trying to restore my hands to what they were a couple of weeks ago. Picked up this little tube in boots for £2.50 and so far I'm enjoying it. I love the smell, and it's a lot less greasy than having to slather your hands in hydrocortisone... yeah nice image for you there. I wasn't ready to commit to the large tube, didn't want to spend a fiver on something I may be allergic to, but at the minute this will do me. 

Have you guys tried either of these products before? If you have, what did you think? If not, would you? Also give me more lush mask recommendations because I quite like this one... even if I'm not loving the smell...

Also,  I'm moving back home for summer tomorrow so hopefully come sunday I'll be back to posting on the normal schedule with a lot of really exciting stuff... ooooOOO.

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