LC:M - Joe Harper for Fucking Young

From Friday to Monday, the incredibly stylish event that is London Collections Men has been happening in, yup, London. And, as with any other fashion event, it brings out the amazing street style of the attendees from being hidden in the side-streets of cities all over the world. 

Because the dates fell on the same weekend as me moving home from uni for the year, I didn't get to go for the full 4 days, Monday afternoon was the only option since I was in London anyway, but sans camera. Great planning Fii. Anyway, the more prepared, better-in-almost-every-sense street fashion photographers were out in force, providing me with beaut outfit eyecandy from the venues. 

Quick things I'm super pleased about: the Koreans were out in force (aka, it's super nice to see more of a mix of ethnicities on the catwalks tbh), motifs and bold statements everywhere, some seriously huge names turned up. In all honesty, it was a pretty incredible season to effing miss. Ha. 

As with all fashion weeks I don't attend, photos are not my own, and I highly suggest you go check out these photographers. 

Joe Harper for Fucking Young - LCM SS16

Joe Harper for Fucking Young - LCM SS16

Claudia Rocha for Wild Magazine

London Collections Men -Claudia Rocha for Wild Magazine

London Collections Men -Claudia Rocha for Wild Magazine

Milo @ LensedLondon

I really suggest you go and check out this blog, some incredible shots here.

Asia Typek for HighSnobiety

I'm loving that a lot more photographers are coming over to the candid snapshot side. It's got such a realness to it that makes me really really happy. And the way street style photography is being treated like as much as an artform as editorial is something that I'm loving too.

Have you seen any looks that you've loved this season? What would be your perfect fashion week outfit? I'd love to hear :)

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