With essays and exams and really fun, consecutive deadlines, comes stress and the need to consume ALL THE SUGAR for that temporary energy boost to academic success. It's no surprise that my skin has not been in the best condition for the past couple of weeks, and it's also no surprise that this has made me really self conscious. Woot.

But there was something in my dwindling stash of Korean cosmetics that I remembered did wonders when my skin was in the same sort of condition last year - and it wasn't my holy grail honey mask. Enter rice water

Yes, that milky stuff you get when you add water to rice. 

I was really sad that I didn't stock up with more of the rice water sheet masks when I had the chance, but a little bit of internet browsing and the realisation that I had both rice and water sat in my kitchen, meant that I could go ahead and make my own. What a crazy thought. 

So I went ahead made some rice for dinner, making sure that when I drained it, instead of pouring it down the sink it collected in an airtight container, then I let it sit for a bit in the fridge. Later that evening I added it to my skincare routine with a cotton pad and patting it all over my face.

Then I got a tad bit impatient and went for the paper towels, let them soak up some of the water and placed them on my most troublesome areas, peeling them off when they were drier to the touch. 

I won't say it's a miracle cure or anything, but in a few days (plus reducing the amount of sugar in my diet again) my skin looks a lot less angry, and the texture is back to being smoooooth. I've been having some trouble with hay fever induced eczema and the rice water has cleared that right up, without me having to reach for the chemical creams. Yay!

Have you guys got any beauty secrets that you know will clear your skin up sharpish? Or have any of you tried using rice water before? I'm a massive fan of more natural skincare so I'd love to hear your thoughts :)