May Wishlist - little miss fii

I've been stern with myself in the throes of revision and haven't procrastination-shopped! (yet.) But there's such a lovely range of products in shops right now that I'm wishin' pretty hard for some new additions to my life. Especially stationery, now that I've started using my planner properly, as well as a few... other things. 

hello sweetie store pastel milk skater skirt -  £25.21

dollskill fifi top - $48

public desire melody white buckle flat shoes - £22.99

kumhong emoticon face stickers - £2 

seeso graphics the weekly times desk notepad - £9.75

I've been searching the internet for other stores to spend my in recently, and am absolutely loving a lot of the quirky prints that Hello Sweetie Store stock.  They're an Australian boutique that I'm totally loving at the minute, and the milk print skirt is something I really think I need. I'm also super duper lusting over this denim shift dress from missguided. I've not been that adventurous with shift dresses in the past, but this one looks like it has a little more structure to it than some of those made with jersey fabric, so it hopefully wouldn't swamp me as much? Also the straw boater hat is SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. I know h&m and topshop have similar types of things too... 

I love the sleeves on the Fifi top by dollskill. Also the fact that the top is called Fifi. Clearly I need it. Clearly. I'm fueling more of my doll shoe obsessions with these public desire flats, and I've had the River Island skirt on my want list since I saw it in store in... February or March(?) I think. 

Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No explanation needed. Kumhong make my favourite stickeres ever. And this weekly planner by Seeso Graphics would be endlessly useful over summer and for my final year of uni. You can get them from

What are you totally loving at the minute? And which is your favourite item out of my list up there? Hope you've all had an ah-may-zing week - don't forget to watch Eurovision tomorrow!!!! 

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