Totally taking a leaf out of Chantel's blog and sharing my inspiration for spring with you all today (as she did here), because my mood has been so elevated by SUNSHINE and very little rain or cloudiness to speak of and I am feeling SO INSPIRED.

Caps are totally necessary.

I am that inspired.

hairstyle by beautyriot // makeup tutorial by maya mia // nails found on cuded

hwasa of mamamoo being effortlessly flawless

Usually I avoid all things retro, but mamamoo have sparked a previously undiscovered love for 60's aesthetics. Maybe it's the bright colours, the geometricity, or just how cute and bright everything is. Either way, I'm loving it for spring!!

img via domino

I'm forever furnishing my imaginary house,  but chic, minimalistic and/or organised areas are really inspiring me to DECLUTTER. I'm not at the stage where I want to throw everything out and start afresh, but give it six weeks, and we'll see where how I'm feeling. (Amid exam-induced hell.)

img: grazia korea

img: tumblr

Let's not talk about my current, slight obsession with all things cute and nautical. The next step is finding a boat/super fancy yacht tbh...

I also discovered IAMKARENO on youtube

What is this 60's retro inspiration that you speak? Me? Noooooo (but so, so much yes).  Other than that it's a bit of a mixed bag, I guess. I swear I can pull inspiration from the most random things... But!!! What's been inspiring you recently? I'd love to see, so leave me a link or to whatever it is so I can check it out!

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