BLFW event review

Two weeks ago, I jumped on a train to London - awesome shoes and dslr in hand - for a day of catching up, coffee, city-type adventures and the BLFW event. The weather was surprisingly pleasant, clearly my blind optimism and wishful thinking decided not to set me up for disaster. 

I met up with Alice (She's Thunderstorms), who volunteered to be my daytime adventure crew, and later on we both went to find Carolin (Lunchbreak Adventures) to wander along to the venue, have a chat and experience the BLFW event.

It was held at the 4th Floor Studios on Commercial Road, nearest tube station: Aldgate East. The venue itself was nice enough - we got to have a peek as the brands were setting up, since we arrived super early and I sort of volunteered us to help the lovely girls representing Umberto Giannini carry their boxes up the many, many stairs - but it was so hard to find. I know a couple of prospective attendees gave up on the night. :(

BLFW event review

As with the last Bloggers Love Hub event, overcrowding was a major issue. I felt there wasn't really much chance to talk with other bloggers at all, and a lot of the discussions that I had with the brands were somewhat rushed - a few of them I didn't even get to chat to at all because they were so busy, which is a shame but I hope that they all had a good time.  With so many bloggers around and cameras out, it was hard to get decent shots of the event and the products on show without bumping into the back of someone, or having someone bump into you, plus the lighting wasn't ace - but it was an experience.

I'm not, in any way saying that a packed event is a bad event, just that the venue probably couldn't deal with the number of people attending. If I hadn't been planning to go with other people, I probably wouldn't have gone at all, as we arrived about 15 minutes after doors had opened and it was heaving. I'd've been thoroughly overwhelmed.

BLFW event review
magnetic suspension @ #lipglam

On the positive side of things, I did get to chat with a lovely bunch of people and hear about most of the lines that were on offer - and I really, really do commend the passion that the brands had for their products - especially the girl from Joe Browns - and the care they put into their displays. #Lipglam and Gossimar Wings get special mentions there.

BLFW event review
Gossimar Wings making possibly the best use of a bath for a display method... ever

Overall, I had a great time. I probably should have gone on the Thursday instead, since it seemed a touch quieter from what I've seen on twitter, and I think I would have been able to chat to more bloggers, since I love events as a way to connect on all fronts.

It was a fun experience, despite me ducking out before the end (trains to catch and the heat was getting to me). It was so much better than my experience at the last event, and I loved chatting to, and hearing about some amazing products.

I'm currently testing out some of the beautiful items I was gifted, and am in the process of writing up all those posts so please bear with me!!

Have you ever been to a bloggers event before? What do you think of them? Let me know, I'd love to hear about your experiences!

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