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So Seoul Fashion Week came to a close on Wednesday, but not without ending on some - to quote Bratz -  seriously stylin' outfits.  As with cosmetics, the Korean's seem to be striding ahead on the fashion frontier, and I've found it so hard to whittle down my favourite looks, but I persevered. 

As with all fashion weeks I have not attended, photo's are not my own, but please do check out all the photographers mentioned because they deserve the love and are ridiculously talented. :)


... not sure how I feel about the toe boots... but that coat on the right is pretty eyecatching

I think this is my favourite shot of the whole season, actually.

ensorcelant; instagram | facebook

another ultimate favourite photographer of mine, that covers western fashion weeks also :)

Alex Finch; instagram | facebook  -- for

Fellow Brit, and, possibly my all time fashion snapping fave.

I'm generally in love with the way the fashionistas in Seoul have fun with their photos - their is a fair amount of the classic 'up against a wall, stony faced smize-ing' going on, but I tend to gravitate more to the sort of shots I've showcased this SFW.

Which ones are your favourites? Let me know!

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