Mini Haul - 2015 little miss fii

I've not really given myself much chance to go out and spend money, recently, unless you count food and necessity pens (damn notes). But going to London presents an opportunity, which is very hard to ignore when you're confronted with conveniently placed stores.

Sigh, why do you do this to me Superdrug?

Regardless, I picked up a couple of things in what is probably the most miniature of 'hauls' known to blogging kind, and thought that I'd show them to you - considering it's the first time I've dabbled in sharpie-esque eyeliners and multicoloured primers.

Mini Haul - 2015 little miss fii

For beauty, I faffed around over seeing an actual Makeup Revolution stand in superdrug for possibly an obscene amount of time - played the perfect enabler and talking two ladies into buying some ... people should hire me. But when it came to actual purchases I stuck to what I needed. 

Enter, Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner - £2.99.  My much favoured Etude House liquid liner is on it's last legs and I haven't tried felt tip liners before, so why the hell not, was my reasoning. Have you tried felt tip liners before? If I'm being honest I'm kind of scared... Though they have it in different colours too which could be interesting

Base wise, I've seen a couple of these multicoloured base coordinator-y things in circulation and at £4 the MUA pro-base prime & conceal wasn't exactly breaking the bank. I've tried green bases to offset redness before from Missha and had quite a bad reaction to that, so haven't dabbled since. Hopefully I'll fare better with this.

Since I'm always on the hunt for hand creams, and obviously a sucker for add-ons-at-the-till, this Nivea soft moisturising cream found it's way into my bag too. So far it's not doing a bad job at keeping my hands from cracking in the winter-spring transition. 

Mini Haul - 2015 little miss fii

I haven't mentioned it here yet, but along with shoes and stationery, I also collect Japanese character plush toys. (That's characters like Rilakkuma, Kumamon, Hello Kitty...) So for a few this will not come as a surprise, but I've added to my alpaca collection with this little guy. He's not actually authentic Alpacasso, since his tags are in the wrong place (and to my knowledge there wasn't a lavender boy released in the Love Hat series...), but I'm not too fussed since he's cute, was a bit of an impulse buy, and sometimes you just need an Alpaca to squish. 

What have you  bought recently? Oooh, or, do you collect anything really interesting or odd? My parents aren't keen on any of my collections, really, since they're not exactly the cheapest or most practical, but I love them anyway. 

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