march wishlist

I blinked and it's March... so that calls for a wishlist, right?

I'm feeling a change in the air~ and by change I mean I'm actually taking steps to organise. Like properly and effectively organise my life. Step up, Filofax, and your organisational abilities. I have a calendar, and I've been filling it up steadily since January 1st, but it isn't the most portable, and hefting my now jurassic laptop around everywhere is just not an option. Tablets are an alternative, but I don't want everything to crash on me, so I'm going back to pen and paper. It's therapeutic. Despite my love for all things classically monochrome, the black/white version is way too financially crippling, but the patent duck egg blue is cute and timeless.

I fell out of love a little bit with River Island's clothes last year. There wasn't really anything that I felt I liked enough to buy, there were a couple of pieces that I thought would look cute, but prices negated payment. This season though... I'm going to find it hard to avoid the 20% off for students on Thursday. These three tops are so cute, easy to style, and I'm loving bright prints at the moment, as well as racer backs and the contrasting boxy cuts. I'm a sucker for a crop, so no surprises there. 

style nanda

I don't think I've talked about my love for Style Nanda enough on here, mostly because once I left Korea I thought I'd be relegated to just staring at the clothes on their website and on shoots. Because Style Nanda shoots are brilliant and I love their eye for location and detail.  It's very much a 'Korean' brand, as they go, quirky prints and bff's with the oversized aesthetic. When it's not it's form fitting and yet both seem to fall into looking perfectly uljjang. But I thought I'd check their website and lust over their KKXX range, as per usual, and stumbled across some NANDA made sweaters. Which I now need. 

Lastly, beauty related, and brands I haven't tried before. I'm not in desperate need of a new moisturiser or cleanser, really, so I doubt I'll be picking up these any time soon, but if the mood or situation strikes these will be the top of my list to try. They're on offer at the minute in boots, so I'm trying to fend off temptation. Has anyone tried these products before?
(Ponds Hydro Nourishing Cream // Botanics All Bright Gentle Cleansing Cream)

What's on your wishlist this March? Anywhere you think I should check out? I swear yesterday was Christmas... this year is flying by ridiculously fast and I'm not sure I'm on board with it!

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