sweater: romwe
jeans: new look
socks: primark

Ever had a piece of clothing that you get so much unplanned wear out of? This sweater is exactly that item for me. I picked it up in my Romwe haul, and, if you remember, was disappointed that it was a neoprene/scuba-type fabric. I never got my head around why having clothes made out of wetsuit material was (still is) such a fad, until now. 

I've been super warm all day on one of the most confused weather episodes we've had for a while. Blinding sunlight, gale force winds, and snow. Bye Bye, Neoprene haters, Fii is a convert. The weather is also why I'm taking 'arty' indoor photos... wind + tripod + expensive camera = dicy, and my parents would probably decapitate me if my camera broke. Also I'd probably cry. 

(Paired with my {new-ish} favourite high waisted, super skinny New Look jeans, and fetching pair of penguin socks. Gotta love a pair of penguin socks.)

Is there anything you've bought that you've had a ridiculous amount of wear out of, even though your initial thoughts weren't that you'd wear it a lot? 

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