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Binky Rainbow Necklace c/o Souksy 

I love finding new shops to lust over - especially if they please my inner magpie. Jewellery for me has mostly been something that comes as an afterthought for an outfit, complementary pieces that don't really add anything special, per se, but are the finishing touches that round a look off.  Souksy  pieces though, bold, iridescent and beautiful, they demand an outfit be built around them.

Binky Rainbow Necklace c/o Souksy

At the Bloggers Love LFW event, Souksy were kind enough to gift me this gorgeous Binky Rainbow Necklace*, and I was able to chat to the lovely ladies there about the brand a little. I was definitely taken by the colour and the detail in the designs of the jewellery, and to hear that all the pieces were affordable or relatively inexpensive for the quality was music to my ears. 

In all honesty, I can't say I'm a massive fan of statement necklaces that sit on the clavicles, they tend to drown me and I feel a little claustrophobic (anyone else? Or is that just me...), so I am saddened that despite how stunning this necklace is, I probably won't get much wear out of it. But I am definitely, very firmly placed in the 'petite' section for all intents and purposes - sort of sad face. However, they have some amazing bracelets, rings and pendants on display that I was immediately drawn to. I might have to make a cheeky purchase at some point, since my current jewellery collection consists of tarnished rings and a tad too much plastic. 

What's your favourite type of jewellery piece to wear? Are you fan of the statement pieces, or  more of an understated type of person - necklaces over bracelets, or a serial ring stacker? 

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