If you read my last blush review, you'll know that I've only really been on #teamblush since 2014.  So the start of 2015 was obviously the best time to begin exploring palettes, as buying multiple single pans of blusher/highlighter/contour can get really expensive, and then committing to the shades that either 1) don't suit, or, 2) I just don't like, would be hard. Enter Makeup Revolution and the Golden Sugar Palette, fit for all your blush and contour needs. Isn't it pretty? 

8 shades for £6 works out at 75p a pan. 75p?! Considering that you get a decent amount of product in each circle that's a definite bargain right there - each is about 3.5cm in diameter. (If we're getting mathematical then that's a surface area of roughly 9.6 square centimetres for your 75p, not including the depth of the pan.. so it's actually more!)

Top row, left to right

Bottom row, left to right

There aren't any names to each shade that I could find, but the palette contains a definite highlight shade, three that I can use as blusher, and four that I can use for contouring. Going from left to right on both rows, the last two shades are matte, while the other six are shimmer.

I've found that the pigmentation of the shimmer shades is really quite strong, so a heavy hand may have you ending up looking like you're a child of the glitter movement, Which isn't a terrible look, but on subtle makeup days it might not be what you're after. I'm still learning how to contour (the dream), so I'm yet to fully get the hang of how well the matte shades can work, but so far I haven't found them to look muddy on my ghost-skin, and they both blend nicely.

None of the shades take much blending out to achieve my required look really, and overall I think this is an adorably pretty palette with a selection of gorgeous shades. It's probably a bit on heavy on the shimmer side of things, I think the addition of a more matte blush wouldn't have gone amiss, really. 

What do you think of this palette? It's certainly an absolute steal for only £6, especially for the colour payoff and the amount of product you get. Makeup Revolution is really on the ball in the beauty world at the minute. But what's your favourite face and cheek palette? An all rounder with blush/highlight/contour? I'd love to know!

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