Everyone has those little secret style crushes that they absolutely adore yet would probably never wear for many reasons. I have them. A lot. Mostly on the unconventional side of things. But instead of just leaving them in the state of fashion crushes because I am far too scared to go whole hog, I like to try and incorporate little accents when I dress myself or do my makeup sometimes, a little proverbial hat-tip to my unconventional side.

So today I wanted to share these slightly unconventional fashion styles that I love, which definitely shows the extremes my wardrobe sometimes has to put up with - my heart is caught somewhere between wanting to be a fairy princess and a hell child. 

Lolita Fashion

Where it's from: Japan
What it's about: not dressing like a little girl, as most people assume. Rather, it's sometimes seen as a rebellion against the rise of skin-baring fashion that came about at the same time - a wish to present themselves as cute or elegant rather than for the attention of men, with silhouettes taken from styles of the Victorian Era. It's a movement that's spread far beyond Japan now, which is amazing, and has evolved into many sub-styles. Lolita Fashion becomes a bit of a way of life for the girls and boys who dress like this, tea parties and meetups are as common as the stares and criticism they receive. There are also a looooooooooooot of substyles, so generally there's something for everyone
Why I like it: the dresses are beautiful, gorgeous, and the branded ones are made to such a high standard that it almost justifies the hefty price tag of shop bought brand. Almost.  The girls and boys that dress like this look like princes and princesses, and the amount of effort they put into achieve that is so commendable. A typical outfit would include: a dress, a blouse underneath if the dress was of a jumper-skirt style, a petticoat, bloomers, socks, shoes, wig, hair and general accessories. All coordinated. The effort. The aesthetics are stunning.
What inspiration I get from it: generally, I feel really inspired by the people who regularly wear Lolita fashion - it makes me feel a lot braver to wear things I wouldn't usually. More specifically, I'll look to the way they accessorise their outfits, cute can go with anything. Lolita Fashion also taught me that twinning is not always a bad thing. 

There's a really brilliant tumblr blog called Lolita Tips that is ace for coordinate inspiration.

Gyaru Fashion

Where it's from: Japan
What it's about: Rebellion, as most Japanese fashion subcultures are, only this was a rebellion of the traditional Japanese culture. I've seen it described by gal's across the globe as being a style where Japanese fashionistas try to dress in a more american/californian kind of way  It's had it's peak, and probably isn't in for much of a revival anytime soon, seeing as the Korean fashion wave has swept the country.
Why I like it: I'm not fond of all the Gyaru styles, there are a couple of key ones that I don't really like at all, but the older-sister style and the biker style (ane gyaru) are more up my street. I like them because they're less OTT, easier to replicate and generally more accessible - way less of a shock factor. 
What inspiration I get from it: Makeup tips! Gyaru gals are lash queens. and if you want to learn how to make your eyes look huge, they are definitely your go-to resource. Also I'm pretty sure gal's birthed the nail deco trend way back when, some of the nails I've seen are scary. Awesome, but scary. 

Pastel Goth

There's a buzzfeed article on pastel goth which I found quite an amusing read - but whatever we're calling this trend (goth lite is quite cute), and despite how popular it is on tumblr, I still wouldn't say it's the most conventional.
Why I like it: remember me saying my heart was a cross between fairy princess and hell child? Well yeah, my heart is pretty pastel goth. Baby blue, mint green or lavender, probably. 
What inspiration I get from it: the bravery to wear pastel colours and/or white a lot, but still be able to 'goth it up' a bit. Summer dresses and spiked garter belts resonate within my soul, apparently. As well as creepy cute jewellery and leather harnesses. 

So what do you guys think - have you heard of these trends before, or are there any out there that you take inspiration from sometimes? I'd love to hear about them! Hope you've had an awesome monday :)