It's got to that time of... year(?) or stage, I guess, where my current hairstyle feels tired and annoys me no end, it's up more than it's down and the ends are all ratty. Basically a mess, which isn't great by any standards and it's making me feel meh about styling. I just do not like it right now. Sad times.

I love the idea of having gorgeously thick long hair, but ehhh I'm pretty sure genetically that skipped me and blessed my younger sister - although my tendency to use heat styling doesn't help. (I'm cutting down!) This past year I've been trying to inject some more moisture into my haircare routine - nourishing shampoos, hot oil treatments, not lathering the tips with shampoo, argan oil - but I think the best thing for it now is to just chop off the dead ends and start relatively afresh. As it stands right now, my hair is halfway down my back, and I'm looking at a long bob (lob) for my new cut. It's a really versatile cut, and since I am not a 'short hair don't care' kinda gal (short hair is very much an issue I care about - I do not especially suit pixie cuts), then it's ace for me.  Also buzzfeed says it is the hairstyle for me too. Well then.

So I took to pinterest, tumblr and the general internet to get some inspiration for the sort of lob I want (why is there so much choice?) and future styling ideas (I'm going to have to practice patience).

Length-wise, I'm thinking pretty standard, on the shoulders/clavicles kinda thing.

I think the style I'll be (hopefully) rocking most is the messy curls/waves, since my hair falls that way mostly naturally. Which is ace because it looks super cute. And not just in that 'hey I'm a uni student I literally just rolled out of bed within the last 20 minutes hi' way.

And if I want to indulge in my inner tumblr girl, then I could try a range of shades to spice things up - be it an all over, half-ish, or just the tips job.

I'm super excited now - so, so, so far past the stage of being 'ready' for the chop. I just want to have a good hair day when my hair is down for a change. That'd be nice.

I hope you've all had an amazing weekend, I'd love to hear about it in the comments, or if any of you are thinking about getting a trim/drastic change? What's your favourite hairstyle - and if anyone has any long-bob/mid-length hair styling tips, let me know!!

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